Thursday, April 12, 2012

BILLIONS FOR NAVY; Apr 12, 1944:


New funds Will Operate
81,584 Vessels And 19
Thousand Naval Planes
Washington— (AP)—
The largest naval appropriation bill in American history went to the house floor today to help the world's greatest fleet win the war on. the seven seas. It carried $32,647,134,336 for naval activities during the twelve months starting next July 1, a figure which, if approved by congress, will boost to approximately $350,000,000,000 the obligations voted for the total war effort since
July 1, 1940.
Three Million Men
The program which the new funds will help finance contemplates the use of 6,623 self-propelled vessels, 74,925 nonself-propelled vessels, 19,035 naval planes exclusive of 3,657;467 sailors, marines and coast guardsmen.
"Whatever the cost,' we know the Japanese well enough to realize that .we cannot regard victory in the Pacific as anything short, of destruction of the Japanese empire," the appropriations committee had been told by Admiral Ernest J. King, commander-inchief of the United States fleet. "The distances that are facing us for the future are even greater than those already traveled," he said. "The difficulties that are facing us are tremendously greater.
We still have a very long way to go to win the war in the Pacific The casualties that are going to have to be taken into the hospitals are going to increase and probably increase very markedly
in the next six months, and they will stay at a high rate."
Sees Longer War.
Despite predications of many experts that 'the European war may end this year, Vice Admiral F. 'J. Home, second in command -to Admiral King,' told the committee, he .. expects Germany still' will be "in ''the fight", when 1944 ends.

Allies Push
Burma Drive
Against Foe
Associated Press War Editor
Allied commanders . in southeast Asia subordinated developments in the Japanese.offensive
into India to -report today that that Allied offensive into Burma, being carried on a" the same time, is spreading steadily southward and now threatens enemy communications in Burma just
as Allied- supply lines in India are menaced by the Nipponese.
American-trained C h i n e s e troops under Lt. Gen. Joseph W. Stilwell have swept down the
Mogaung valley, the Allied communique said, and have captured the village of Tingring.
Invade Jap Lines.
These operations, -together with daring air-bomb invasions behind Japanese lines, have resulted
in an Allied strangle-hold on the enemy communications system which has its terminus at Myitkyiha in northern Burma, Associated Press war correspondent Clyde Farnsworth reported.

RAF Hammers Enemy
Anti-Invasion Lines
London — (AP) —
RAF heavy bombers smashed at Aachen, Hannover and other objectives in western Germany , Tuesday night in continuation of the Allied campaign to wreak havoc on nazi anti-invasion supply lines, and waves, of daylight raiders roared over the continent this forenoon to carry the mammoth onslaught into its fifth straight day.

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