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                                      Indiana Evening Gazette

                       INDIANA, PENNSYLVANIAT TUESDAY, JUNE30, 1942.

U. S. Fliers, Anzac Troops Slow Axis Invasion;

Alexandria Bombed Anew Place
Germans British Losses At 7,000 Tanks And 53,000 Prisoners
Nazis Attacking from North Enter Sevastopol's Inner Defense Ring
Italians Claim Gains—Bremen Lashed Again
By The Associated Press
Field Marshal Erwin Rommel's 175-mile drive inside Egypt was reported running into stiffened resistance today as U. S. Army fliers and fresh New Zealand troops reinforced the British imperial armies amid heavy fighting 140 miles west of the great Alexandria naval base. Alexandria itself was bombed again during the night. An RAF communique said U. S. airmen were pounding the invaders by day and night, attacking Axis columns west of Matruh and bombing enemy-occupied Tobruk in Libya. Front-line observers reflected some optimism over the new trend of the battle, but the situation remained extremely critical.A bulletin from Italian headquarters said Axis motorized columns had passed Fuka, 45 miles east of fallen Matruh. Cairo dispatches, however, declared that reinforcements in planes and men are helping to rally the weary British 8th Army, and indicated that the British were fighting from new positions about 50 miles east of Matruh, in a 45-mile line stretching inland from the Mediterranean seacoast to the Egyptian Death Valley" known as the Qattara Depression.

New Destruction Pays in Part for Dec. 3 Seizure
American Army bombers, striking at the enemy in probably the longest over-water bombing flight ever made, have dealt new destruction to tiny Wake Island, which the Japanese seized at a high cost last December 23. Sweeping over the strategic atoll under full moonlight last Saturday night, the bombers hit all their targets, set the main building afire,leveled everything on the surface,and returned to their base without casualties and without the loss of a plane.

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Current Events June 29, 1942: VICTORY AT MIDWAY:

Current Events June 29, 1942
Japanese  Losses Heavy at Midway Island

The Wisconsin State Journal

Nazis Drive Deeper Into Egypt
British AdoptBacks-to-Wall'Depth Defense'
Hitler, in All-OutEffort, Opens NewDrive in Russia

By JOE ALEX MORRIS(United Press Foreign Editor)
Axis mechanized armies crashed eastward through British desert lines and RAF bombardment at Matruh. today in a strong bid for conquest of Egypt and the vital Allied supply lines in the Near East. Encirclement and capture of the British base at Matruh, including 6,000 prisoners, was claimed by the Axis communiques, which said that the advance forces of Nazi Field Marshal Erwin Rommel were pushing farther east on the 160-mile road to the Alexandria naval base, key to control of the eastern Mediterranean. Cairo dispatches acknowledged.

War Fund, Bill,With Warning,Goes to House OPA Appropriation Slashed $86,000,000By Committee
Americans were warned today in a house report of a $1,810,487,615 appropriation bill for19 war agencies to prepare for15 additional rationing programs within the next year. The bill, providing for operation of the agencies during the fiscal year starting Wednesday,was approved by the house appropriations committee this morning and sent to the house for immediate consideration It was designed as the first supplemental defense appropriation bill for 1943. Major controversy is expected over funds for the Office of Price Administration, which would be administer the rationing programs. The only major cut made in the bill was in OPA funds. The committee slashed that appropriation from $161,000,000 to $75,000,000 and warned OPA not to comeback for more. It further specifically prohibited the agency from receiving any more money from the President's emergency fund.' General Ration Program. Final Report Swells

U. S. Ocean Victory
PEARL HARBOR, June 28 —(U.P) — (Delayed) —
Japan definitely lost four aircraft carriers, including its two largest, in the Midway island battle, the navy announced today in a final communique on the American victory. It suffered damage to two and probably three battleships, one seriously. Reports of airplane pilots who participated in the battle left little doubt that one of these battleships was sunk. In addition, the Japanese lost two heavy cruisers and three tofour destroyers sunk, three or more heavy cruisers damaged, one light cruiser damaged, and four transports or cargo ships damaged or sunk by bomb and torpedo hits. At least one and possibly more of these ships probably sank. The communique, issued by Admiral Chester F. Nimitz-

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          The Charleston GazetteCharleston,
             West Virginia, Sunday Morning, June 28, 1942.

FDR, Churchill Vow to Divert Nazis at Once;
Russians Counter-Attack in Kharkov Sector;
Rommel's Tanks Within 15 Miles of Matruh

Chiefs Pledge Aid to China,War on Subs
Joint War Review Outlines Immediate Operations
To Afford Relief To Red Front
President Roosevelt announced to day that his war parley in Washington with Prime Minister Winston Churchill had yielded master strategic plans which contemplate immediate operations to divert Nazi forces from the Soviet front, to aid China, and to smash the U-boat blockade. Despite the setbacks which the United Nations have suffered during the past six months, the President and Prime Minister agreed that the overall war situation is"more favorable to victory" for the allied cause than it was last December.

                                   Sunday   Times    Bulletin
                                     RACINE, WIS* SUNDAY, JUNE 28,1942.

23 Army Fliers Receive Medals For Japan Raid
20 Cent Bomb sight Used in Attack, Airmen Reveal
Twenty-three army fliers who took part in the American raid on Japan last April 18, received distinguished flying crosses today at nearby Boiling field. The airmen, who returned to this country recently, brought additional details of the havoc and confusion wrought by the raiders in attacking Tokyo and four other cities on April 18. They also disclosed that the secret Norden bomb sights were left behind because of risk they might fall into enemy hands. An improved bomb sight costing only twenty cents to make, but adequate for hitting targets from the extremely low altitudes at which the raiders flew, was substituted in each of the plane.

Germany Still Chief Enemy,
Public Thinks
 Emphasis on Front In Europe Strikes Responsive Chord
By GEORGE GALLUP Director America Institute of Public Opinion.
PRINCETON, N. J., June 27.—Despite the Japanese attack on Midway and the landings on the Aleutians, the typical American continues to believe that Germany rather than Japan is the nation's No. 1 enemy. Although there has been an increase since December in the feeling that the Japs may be the greater menace, twice as many people label Germany the main threat today. However, as a great axis pincer movement against the United Nations threatens through the middle East and the Indian ocean, an increasing number say they believe the Jap and the German are about equal as enemies of the American people.
Time Will Tell.

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                            The Charleston Gazette
            Charleston, West Virginia, Saturday Morning, June 27, 1942.

U. S. Near 4,000 Planes Monthly, Says FDR|

Americans Lash Tobruk, British Lines Hold;
Timoshenko Steadies Army in Ukraine Melee

Army Sets World AirCargo Belt

Four-Motored Planes Have 'Extreme Range,
'Will Girdle Globe With Supplies
WASHINGTON, June 26.—(AP)—
The War Department today consolidated its various air transport facilities into a single world-wide system to carry personnel, supplies and mail to any part of the globe where the army may be operating. Brought about by merger of the army's air ferrying command and transport operations, the new system will be known effective July 1 as the air transport command and will be under direction of Brig. Gen. Harold L. George, head of the air ferry command.

May Tank Total Over 1,500

President Asserts He Gives Axis 'Opposite of Aid Comfort, Revealing Nation's Work But He Cautions People About Over-Confidence. Meetings With Soviet Air, Military, Naval Officers Are Disclosed
Announcing the completion of nearly 4,000 planes and more than 1,500 tanks in May, President Roosevelt said today that“we are well on our way towards achieving the rate of production which will bring us to our goals."He warned, nevertheless against over-confidence and said there were serious production problems ahead, some of them arising particularly from shortages of raw materials. These, he added, already are receiving careful consideration.
Sand Cauldron Bars Rommel
British Position at Matruh
Flanked by Sea, Desert Trap as 8th Army Digs In Anxiety in London Over Egypt's Fate. Reinforcements May Come From Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Levant
CAIRO, Egypt, June 26.—(AP)—
The battle of Egypt was fast developing tonight In continuous clashes of Axis advance groups and British covering forces less than 200 miles from Alexandria. U. S. army air force "Liberators" struck hard at Tobruk, the closest supply port which German Field Marshal Rommel can use to supply and maintain his full-scale advance. The main elements of Rommel's striking force, aggregating in all to two German armored divisions and one Italian division, had attained at last reports a point 30 miles west of Matruh. Supported by mobile infantry,these principal Axis tank columns were proceeding along a wide desert avenue some 15 to 20 miles from the coast.
Sand Trap Bars Way Germans Claim Izyum Capture
Soviet Communique
Points To Halting of Backward Movement in Donets Battle Zone

Colombia Angered By U-Boat Attack

Wave of High Indignation Sweeping Over Nation
Against Nazis CALI, Colombia, June 26.—(INS)—
Public indignation throughout the country ran high today and crowds demonstrated against the Axis nations after news was received that a German submarine had sunk the Colombian ship Resolute and killed six of the crew with point-blank machine-gun fire. A drastic government decree immediately froze all funds of Axis nationals in this country, and further official action was expected momentarily. Life Boats Fired-On The sinking occurred 35 miles off Providencia island. When crew members took to the lifeboats, the Nazi submarine moved up close and loosed machine gun fire on the occupants,killing six and severely wounding others. Those in the lifeboats were saved by the appearance of a U. S. patrol plane. The Colombian press told of a tremendous wave of indignation sweeping the nation as the result of the ruthless Nazi attack, and manifestos of protest were being organized in many cities.
Foe Strives to Widen Breach at Sevastopol
Black Sea Fortress Holding Off Heavy
Succession Of Assaults
MOSCOW, Russia, Saturday,June 27.— W— With enemy activity increasing along the whole front, Soviet forces of the Ukraine battled attacking Germans in a great melee of men and machines last night after dropping back b e f o r e the pounding of the Nazis, the Russians reported today. Down in the Crimea Sevastopol's defenders beat off one enemy assault after another, the Soviets added."Our troops in the Kharkov direction fought with the attacking enemy forces,' said the midnight Soviet information bureau communique,indicating that Marshal Timoshenko's defenders had turned and brought a halt to the German advance. Izyum Seizure Claimed

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Current Events June 26, 1942:

                      The Charleston Gazette
Charleston, West Virginia, Friday Morning, June 26, 1942.

British Halt Egypt Retreat, Give Battle;
   FDR, Churchill Paint Brighter Picture;
      Massive Nazi Spurt Gains Donets Hub

24-Inch Howitzer, Possibly Hurling; Mine, Reported Thrown Into Action At Sevastopol Black Sea Fortress' 
Inner Lines Holding: Red Star Avers Vast Blood Loss Somewhat Weakens German Assault '. . . .
MOSCOW, Russia, Friday,June 26. — (AP)—
Falling back again before the hammer blows of what appears to be a full fledged German offensive in the Ukraine, the Russians early today acknowledged the loss of the railway junction city of Kupyansk, 60 miles southeast of Kharkov.
Axis Captures Sidi Barrani Rommel Hurls His Whole Strength of 100,000Men 1OO Miles inside Egypt Push Aims to Seize Alexandria Gateway American Heavy Bombers Participate With RAF In Harrying Lines

CAIRO, Egypt, June 26.—(Friday)—(INS)—
The entire Axis North African striking corps, numbering up to 100.000 troops with three heavy tank divisions,was reported today to have pushed at least 100 miles into Egypt in a mighty drive upon Mersa Matruh. But when Field Marshal Gen. Rommel's armored and motorized infantry legions came to within 30 miles of Matruh. vital rail head on the coastal route to Alexandria and the Suez canal, they suddenly encountered obstinate resistance by hastily reinforced British troops.

2nd Front Eyed At White House
Nazis Will Be Hit,' Says New Zealand Minister; 
Parley Discloses Optimism'Very Pleasing to All,'Says Speaker Rayburn 
Churchill Seems Confident! British Army Will Bar Foe From Suez
WASHINGTON, June 25.—(AP)—
In two extraordinary conferences at the White House, President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill painted an encouraging picture of the over-all war situation today, and Churchill was reported to have expressed confidence that the Nazis would be repulsed in Egypt.

Eye-Witnesses Tell of Jap Ferocity at Dutch Harbor
SEATTLE, June 25. —(AP)—First

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The Bakersfield Californian                  


NAZIS DRIVE 60 MI. IN EGYPT  U. S. Names Second Front General

Nazis Wipe Out2nd Czech Town
LONDON, June 25. (A. P.)—
The Czech community of Lesaty In Bohemia has been razed by the Nazis on the accusation ,that the villagers helped parachutists involved in the slaying of Rcinhard Heydrich, protector of Bohemia-Morn via, it was reported today in Budapest radio broadcast heard by a Czech government listener here. The,Vichy French News Service quoted the Prague announcement saying all the adult male population was executed. Lesaty was described as a community of about 100 inhabitants. This was the second village wiped out by the Germans in vengeance for the death of Heydrich, the Germans having reported June10 they had slain the male population of Lidice, near Prague, sent the women to concentration camps and the children to "educational institutions.

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Current Events june 24, 1942: GERMAN U-BOATS TAKE TOLL IN THE ATLANTIC

                                       The Portsmouth Times
                              PORTSMOUTH, OHIO, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24, 1942
                       SEVASTOPOL LASHED HARD


Red Armies Admit Retreat After Violent Attack in Kharkov Area
By ROGER D. GREENE Associated Press War Editor A violent all-night bombardment by axis artillery indicated that the battle of Egypt may have started already today as the British reported that"very strong" enemy columns of tanks and motorized infantry were facing along the coast toward the Egyptian-Libyan frontier. While definite word was lacking that Field Marshal Erwin Rommel had launched his big offensive, m i l i t a r y observers pointed out that a heavy artillery barrage usually signals an imminent land attack. Throughout the night, dispatches said, big axis field guns shelled the British defense lines and enemy patrols stabbed repeatedly for "soft spots".Meanwhile, the far – outnumbered defenders of besieged Sevastopol in the Crimea were conceded by the Russians to be struggling against a Nazi assault of intense fury.

Death And Destruction Mount From Atlantic Sub Activities

Casualties Climb High As Ship Toll Reaches 309 For Wartime
By The Associated Press Wholesale death and destruction,the like of which the Spanish main never saw in pirate days,has been wrought recently by enemy submarines, which over a 12-day period sent 13 United Nations merchantmen to the bottom of the Caribbean. This was disclosed by the navy yesterday on the blackest day of its announcements of ship sinkings since the war began. The announcement of two more vessel sin the Atlantic swelled to 309 the war total of western Atlantic sinkings. Casualties run high, with 48 known dead and 87 missing in the Caribbean sinkings occurring between June 3rd and 14th; three dead and 85 missing in the June15 sinking of a medium-sized U.S. merchant vessel off the New England coast, and five dead in the torpedoing of a British freighter.

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Current Events JUNE 23, 1942: U. S. JOINS EGYPT AID:

San Mateo Times
Russ Aid Reaches Sevastopol F. R., Churchill Call in U. S. Shipping Experts
Rommel Army;Parachutists,Ready for Stab CAIRO.
June,23.-~(U,P)~The united States air corps, co-operating with the.' Royal Air force, heavily bombed the main axis Libyan base of Benghazv' a communique disclosed today but front line messages reported strong enemy forces moving cross the desert against Egypt.

LONDON,June 23—(UP)—The government assured an angry House of Commons. today that reinforcements were reaching the British army in Egypt for a strong fight against an expected Axis" offensive but one Parliamentary group drew a motion declaring lack of confidence in the central direction of war strategy.

Hitler Opens New Drive on Kharkov Front
MOSCOW, June 23,—(U.P)—Many women and children of Sevastopol have been evacuated from the besieged Crimean fortress whose defenders, sworn to fight to "the last drop of our blood," have wiped out a German wedge pointed at the heart of the city, the newspaper Pravda announced today. The women and children among Sevastopol's 70,000 civilians presumably were rescued from the encircled and bomb-damaged city by sea, under protection of the guns of the Russian Black sea fleet. They probably were taken eastward into the Caucasus.

Sub Pack off New England
by United Press
Survivors reaching an east coast port today told how a pack of three axis submarines had fired two torpedoes into their freight and passenger vessel on June 15, sinking the ship 75 miles off the New England coast with a probable loss of 88

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Current Events June 22, 1942: TOBRUCK FALLS

             The Charleston Gazette

Charleston, West Virginia, Monday Morning, June 22, 1942.

Tobruk Falls to Whirlwind Assault,Opening Way For Axis Drive on Egypt; 

Japs Land on Second Aleutian Island
Rich Stores Said Seized Much of Supplies Convoyed At Great Cost to Port Believed in Hands Of Rommel New Nazi Anti-Tank Gun Helps in Victory Both British, U. S. Land Giants Prove No Match For Big Weapon

CAIRO, Egypt, June 21.—(AP)—The "second siege" of Tobruk has ended abruptly in a short,overpowering assault which toppled that key supply harbor Into Axis hands and advanced Nazi Marshal Erwin Rommel's armored hosts to the borders of menaced Egypt.
Captured in the overwhelming rush, said German and Italian communiques, were 25,000 British soldiers and several generals—almost a duplication of the number of Italians taken prisoner when the town surrendered to the British on Jan.22, 1941.
Wedge Driven Into Defenses Of Sevastopol Russians Say Nazis Have Spent 100,000 Lives In Effort to Take Crimea Fortress Successive Waves of Men,Tanks Being Hurled Against Soviets MOSCOW, Monday, June 22.—(AP)—Beginning the second year of the war against the Axis with no surrender" resistance along the entire 2,000-mile front, Russia acknowledged officially today that the enemy had succeeded In driving a wedge Into the defenses of Sevastopol although"at the cost of tremendous sacrifices."
Enemy Cruiser Hit by Bombs Army Fliers Find Nippon Force on Kiska, Raid Vessels in Harbor, Sink Transport Isle Is 585 miles From Dutch Harbor

WASHINGTON, June 21.—(INS)—The Navy Department announced this afternoon that army aircraft have hit a Japanese cruiser and sunk a transport in the battle of the Aleutians,but that the enemy has landed troops at Kiska, 585 miles from Dutch Harbor.

Sub Shells Isle Station Off Canada Government Telegraph Post On Vancouver Island Target, No Damage Said Caused

OTTAWA, June 21.—OT—Col. J. L. Ralston, Canadian defense minister, announced today that a government telegraph station on Vancouver island was shelled by a submarine at 10:33 p. m. Pacific time Saturday (2:35 a. m.,Sunday, eastern war time). No damage was caused, he said. The shelled station is located at Estevan Point. Col. Ralston gave no other details of the attack beyond the fact that the information was received here from the Commander in-chief of Canadian west coast defenses.


                          The Charleston Gazette  

                 Charleston, West Virginia, Sunday Morning, June 21, 1942.
Cripps Pledges Great Allied 

Offensive on Hitler in West As Air Attacks are Resumed 
1,000-PlaneArmada Hits At Le Havre Fierce RAF Daylight Raid 
Pounds Continental KeyPoints—
American Bombers Used 
LONDON. June- 20.—(INS)—
A mighty RAF air armada estimated to have included at least 1.000 bombers and fighters smashed at Le Havre and other key points in northern France today in one of the war's largest daylight sweeps.Wave upon wave of huge bombers and their fighter escorts droned across the channel, maintaining a continuous shuttle of destruction
---Docks Are Blasted 
Singled out for a particularly heavy pounding, according to an air ministry announcement, was the French port of Le Havre. American-built Boston bombers took part in this raid, pouring explosives on docks and other harbor installations.Channel Drive Jump Off Set In East Anglia 
Britishers  Slow to Enthuse, Eye Red, African Crisis; Foe Mines Skagerrak
Churchill 'Phones LONDON, June 20.—OT—Sir Stafford Cripps, parliamentary deputy for Prime MinisterChurchill, promised Britain today that this country and the United States will "launch a great and successful attack upon Hitler in the west" but gave no hint as to when or where.He said Nazi measures to meet it might influence its timing.Simultaneously, the nation received what appeared to be evidence that Britain is making steady preparations to cast the fateful die.The army announced it was taking over as a training area a 38 square mile zone in East Anglia, an obvious possible jumping off place for a drive across the channel.

Germans Face New Gestapo Oppressions Official Nazi Statement Says Purge Under Way To Quell Hitler's Foes in Reich Mass Arrests Started Of Austrians, Czechs' Parachute Jitters' Grow In Germany — Fear Aid Given Enemy 

LONDON, June 20.— (INS)—The spread of anti-Nazi sentimentand activities within"greater Germany" Itself was newly evidenced tonight In an official German announcement of a general "purge" that already has produced mass arrestsin Austria.

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The Charleston Gazette
Charleston, West Virginia, Saturday Morning, June 20, 1942.

Reds' Counter-Attack Clears
Sevastopol Front Trenches;
Rommel Moves Toward Egypt

Enemy Storms
Crimea Citadel
Germans Continuing Attack
With 'Utter Disregard'
Of Immense Losses,
Says Moscow
Nazis Claim Fortress
Decisively' Smashed
Timoshenko Throws Back
Attempts to Cross
Donets River
MOSCOW, Russia, June 19.—
(INS)—Waves of German infantry
pounded futilely against
the rock-like defenses of Sevastopol
tonight, supported by
herds of tanks, dive-bombers
and heavy artillery.
But the German attack,

Gambut Taken,
Tobruk Ringed
Strong Hints From London
Indicate Libyan Port
May Be Yielded
To Enemy
Daily Express Asserts
Torch Put to Bardia
CAIRO, Egypt, June 19.—
Armored Units ot Kitchie
Sweep From Frontier
To Strike Flank
CAIRO, Egypt, June 19.—
(INS)—Axis tank columns tonight
rumbled down the coastal
highway toward Bardia, on the
Libyan-Egyptian frontier, after
capturing Gambut earlier in the
day and driving to the Mediterranean
to isolate British-held

Allied Troops Take Kinki
Approaching Outskirts
Of Enemy Base
CHUNGKING, China, June 19.—
(INS)—A series of stunning Chi-
nese victories has smashed a ring
of towns protecting the right flank
of the Japanese army in western
Kiangsi province, it was officially
announced tonight.
The Chinese troops took Kinki
and have reached the outskirts of
the main Japanese base of Linchiten,
it was stated.

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Current Events June 19, 1942{ SECOND FRONT PROPOSED

The Galveston Daily News



British Withdraw In
Libyan Desert Fight
Allied Army and
Tobruk Linked by
Only One Road
Only One Road
Cairo, .lune 18. AP Split by
25 days of hammering by pow-
erful axis armored forces, the
British Eighth Army withdrew
to new positions today, one sec-
tion taking up fortified place
near the Egyptian horde
while the other fell back into
the defensive perimeter of To
obruk to defend that Libyan
coastal stronghold against vio-
lent siege.
Only the shore road remained a
tenuous link between Tobruk and
the British main body.
Early hints of Possible Second Front
Prime Minister and
Pres. Roosevelt Will
Chart Further Plans
for Crushing Axis
Washington, June 18. (AP)
Winston .Churchill, Britain's
wartime prime minister, has
crossed the Atlantic once more
to sit down with Pres. Roosevelt
and chart plans for crushing
the axis— perhaps by opening
a second fighting front in
Conjectures Develop.
Conjectures about a second front
developed rapidly. Inasmuch as
Russia's foreign commissar, V. M
Molotov, had just returned to Mos-
cow from highly important parleys
in London and Washington which
brought about a complete under-
standing among the United Slates,
England and Russia on the "urgent
tasks of creating n second front
in Europe In' 1942."

Russia and England, .bearing the brunt
of actual combat operations
in Europe and. Africa, have been
feeling again the 'weight of nazi
arms as the armored legions of
Hitler have been hurled into the
attacks in the Tobruk, Crimean". and
Kharkov areas and not, without
some successes. A- Second front:
would relieve the pressure of this
three-pronged assault.

Friday, June 18, 2010



Axis Tanks Near Tobruk,
Threaten Drive on Egypt
Rommel Captures
Two Defense Points
CAIRO, June 18.—(U.P) — Col.
Gen. Erwin Rommel's axis armored
columns today seized the vital
British anchor points of El Adem
and Sidi Rezegh in Libya, placed
the siege, city of Tobruk in grave
peril and threatened to drive eastward
toward the Egyptian frontier.
(London sources said the British
withdrawals may compel Lieut.
Gen. Neil M'. Ritchie to retreat as
far as the Egyptian frontier. This
area, they said, would return the
British to their old defense positions,
which now offer their only
favorable positions for halting
Rommel's advance).
Axis pressure was reported
steadily increasing.
Jap Setbacks
Reduce Menace
To West Coast
Stimson Promises
To Reveal Details
About Aleutians
Secretary of War Stimson said
today the losses inflicted on t he
Japanese in the Pacific had temporarily
but substantially reduced
the threat of an attack on the Pacific
coast which he has repeatedly
said might be expected.
War and navy department information
is, he said, that the Japanese
thus far had made only a
"very small landing" in the Aleutian
islands off Alaska but he
stressed that fog and unfavorable
weather obscured developments in
the north Pacific.

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Current Events June 17, 1942: WAR CONTINUES WORLD WIDE, SEE Todays War summarized:


U.S. Bombers Blast
2 Italian Battleships
London Admits
Convoy Losses
By Axis Planes
Three Vessels Sunk,
4 Others Damaged;
Big Warships Burn
LA LINEA, Spain, June 17
(U.P)— Spanish sources reported
that the British aircraft
carriers Eagle and Argus,
and the 31,000-ton battleship
Malaya, all damaged
in the Mediterranean naval
battle, arrived in Gibraltar
today to remove the dead and
LONDON, J u n e 17.—(AP)-United
States army bombers alone
scored 35 direct hits on t w o I t a l i an
battleships in one of the great
Mediterranean c o n v o y battles
Monday, it was disclosed today.
With the battleships ablaze, a
10,000-ton cruiser a n d t w o destroyers
sunk, a n d two cruisers and two
destroyers damaged by the Joint
American and RAF onslaught, an
I t a l i a n squadron turned and fled
back toward its T a r a n t o base.
The RAF followed up Monday
night and penetrated a smokescreen
to hit one of t h e battleships
British Desert Army Repulses Attacks
On 2 Key Outpost Defending Tobruk
United Press Staff Correspondent
CAIRO, June 17.—(U.P)—British
forces now defending the approaches
to Tobruk and t h e Egypt
i a n frontier, have hurled back
strong axis a t t a c k s on the key imp
e r i a l positions at Sidi Rezegh and
Acroma, middle east headquarters
announced today.
A communique said the British
semi-circular defense line guarding
t h e Tobruk perimeter still was
i n t a c t after day-long attacks on
t h e Acroma outpost, 13 miles
southwest of Tobruk, all of which
were repulsed.
By breaking up an axis move in
t h e Sidi Rezegh area, 20 miles
southeast of Tobruk, the British at
least temporarily balked Col. Gen.
E r w i n Rommel's attempt to outflank
the new imperial line • a n d
invest Tobruk from the east.
The communique said a third
axis force massed opposite British
positions at El Adem, 18 miles dir-
ectly south of Tobruk, failed to

Today's War Summarized
(By United Press)
Armed forces of the United Nations,
bolstered by American air
power in the Mediterranean, batt-
ered axis drives to a halt in Libya
and southern Russia today in cont-
i n u i n g battles against an enemy
pincers toward the middle e a st
On the main fronts, dispatches
LIBYA—Axis thrusts at Acroma,
west of Tobruk, and Sidi Rezegh,
east of Tobruk, repulsed;
fighting continues.
RUSSIA—Supreme German effort
to take Sevastopol defeated in
22-hour battle; Russian counterattacks
on Kharkov front successful
at some points.
GERMANY — RAF used 300
bombers in new raids on German
war factories in Rhineland and
JUGOSLAVIA—Guerillas fighting
new Axis offensive reported
to have captured 1,500 enemy
troops and wiped out an enemy
b a t t e r y in mountains; heavy casualties
on both sides.
C H I N A — Powerful Japanese
forces, seeking t o eliminate Allied
bases from which Tokyo might be
bombed, capture ShangJao on
Hankchow Nanching railroad but
suffer 8,000 casualties.
AUSTRALIA. — J a p a n e s e raid
P o r t Darwin and Port' Moresby,
losing 10 planes; Allied planes
attack Timor, Salamaua, and Lae,
losing seven planes.
VICHY—Marshal Henri Philippe
Petain told t h e French people, on
t h e second anniversary of the
nation's military collapse, that the
government must undertake sterner
punitive measures to stamp out
growing, discontent, public anger and greed.