Sunday, March 16, 2014



Heavy Losses
Are Suffered
In Bay Fight
Thirty Tanks Lost
In Fierce Battle
At Viipuri

Welles Talks
War Situation
For Over Hour
With Daladier

Plunges Into Parleys
With High French
Regime Chiefs

Paris, March 7—(AP) —
President Roosevelt's fact finding emissary, Sumner Welles, was closeted for an hour and forty minutes today with forceful Premier Daladier who has vowed to crush the present German regime.
Plunging into a crowded three day schedule for- his Paris visit, the undersecretary of state called, first on President Lebrun before meeting the premier at his war office headquarters.
Wells already had surveyed the German and Italian attitudes toward the present war in visits to
Berlin and Rome. His next stop will be London after talking with French chieftains as well as the
Polish government-in-exile in France.
Goes To France
President Lebrun received the American envoy ,at the Elysee Palace soon after he alighted from a trail! which brought him overnight from Switzerland


Liner Queen Elizabeth Gets
To New York Harbor Safely
After Mad Dash Across Sea

New York, March 7. — (AP)—With the "red duster" union jack proudly. flying at her mast, Britain's new $28,750,000 liner Queen Elizabeth — the largest, fastest
ship afloat — arrived within the safety of New York harbor waters today at the end of her bold dash3000 miles across the Atlantic.
Her giant engines turned up apparently close to her top speed of more than 32 knots.
Only a few figures were seen on the decks, and from the planes there was no indication that the world's largest ship even had a name painted on her gray-smudged prows.




London, March 7—(AP)—Two German warplancs fought with British. Pursuit  planes off the coast of England tonight Onlookers saw one raider almost collide with a British plane as the fight in the clouds began.

 In a few minutes a second raider with two British fighters in pursuit appeared. Then came three more British planes and the two Germans "were driven out to sca, the onlookers said.

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