Friday, February 21, 2014

February 20, 1940; RAID ALARMS IN LONDON


Oslo Accused of' Indifference'
in Altmark Incident, Premier
Declares in House of Commons
LONDON, Feb. 20.—(AP)Norway was accused today by Prime Minister Chamberlain of failing in her duties as a neutral and of displaying "complete indifference" to the usa which the German fleet might make of her waters. Chamberlain told the House of Commons that Norwegian authorities three or four times failed to make the proper inspection of the prison ship Altmark, from which 299 British  prisoners were rescued by the British destroyer Cossack last Friday.
Norway's view that the Altmark was a warship and thus not subject to search, would legalize the German fleet's use of neutral waters creating a precedent Britain
"could in no circumstances accept."
Chamberlain, described Britain's seizure of the prisoners from the Altmark in Norwegian waters as "a very gallant affair" and expressed confidence that the House of Common, would "want to congratulate the Royal Navy."
 He termed the statement of Norwegian Foreign Minister Halvdan Koht that the Norwegian authorities did not know British prisoners were aboard the Altmark "most surprising," since reports to that effect were published 1 weeks ago. It was not until after Norway failed to investigate, Chamberlain said, "that His Majesty's ships took action.
Finnish Fort
Cut Off; Repels
Attack on Ice
COPENHAGEN, Feb. 20.—(UP)—A Berlingske Tidende dispatch from Stockholm reported today that the Russian 164th Division was in a difficult position, with its communications cut, as the result of Finland's claimed annihilation of the 18th Division.
The dispatch, quoting Helsinki sources, said the Finnish commanding general on the Lake Ladoga front after announcing the destruction of the 18th Division, said the Finns in that area were still confronted with difficulties, and that the fight would not become easier,
"Our task is to economize troops, and it will be necessary for us to make miracles," he was quoted as saying.
The dispatch added that a well known Russian officer, a hero in the Soviet Union, had been made prisoner in recent fighting on the Lake Ladoga front
London Gets
Raid Alarm
German Bombers
Renew Air Attacks
On Coastal Shipping
LONDON, Feb. 20.—(AP)—Antiaircraft fire was heard and air raid alarms were sounded in the London area today as reports came in of widespread German warplane attacks on shipping off Britain's east coasts. The all clear signal was given an hour after the alarm was sounded.
Fragmentary wireless messages from ships at sea and battle noises heard along the coast gave the first indication of the renewed German aerial attacks. Outcome of the attacks was not known. Radio operators said they heard the S O S of at least one vessel.
A lifeboat was put out on receipt of word that Nazi bombing planes were blasting at steamers about 30 miles out to sea

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