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Heavy Losses
Are Reported
For Invaders
Of Far North

President of Finland
Declares Nation
Will Not Bend

Helsinki, Feb. 1—(AP) — President Kyosti Kallio in an impassioned speech in a solemn session of the war diet repeated today Finland's offer to negotiate "an honorable peace" with Russia but said that Finland would not bend before "imperialistic aims."

"We are forced to destroy people innocent of this war, people we have no reason to hate as a nation," the president said. "For this reason we regard this barbarous attack as senseless and are ready to negotiate an honorable  peace."
Helsinki, Feb. 1 — Soviet Russia has attempted to revive her faltering campaigns in the Salla and Petsamo sectors above the Arctic Circle,but her troops were driven back by the Finns, the  communique said today.

At the other end of Finland, north of Lake Ladoga, the defense forces tightened their pincers on a stalled and disorganized Russian offensive, the high command announced, and threw back an attack on an unnamed island in the lake.
The communique, covering yesterday's activities, said Russian losses were heavy in the attempt to take the island by crossing over the ice of the lake.
"Lively Activity."
Elsewhere on the eastern front the Finns said there was 'lively patrol activity." The Russians killed "about a score of civilians" and wounded 40, the Finns said, in air raids yesterday on the "market town" of Rovaniemi

Japan's Army,
Navy Request
Huge Program
Of Armament

Total of $671, 000,000
Is Asked to Cover
Next Seven Year
Tokyo, Feb. 1— (AP)— Japan's army and navy today asked parliament to approve a new seven-year arms program costing about $671,000,-000, after the war minister had declared the army "is not relaxing its watch" along Soviet Russia' borders.

The appropriation asked today, for the "replenishment and rehabilitation" of arms, would be in addition to a total of $1,862,017,680 which
already has been approved for this purpose.

The seven year period would begin 'with the 1940-41 fiscal year. The appropriation also would be in addition to the China "war and domestic military budget" for 1940- 41 which total $1,583,478,000.
"Illegal Acts"
The request for the seven-year fund was made after the war minister, General Shunroku Hata, had declared that Russia had* committed "scores of illegal acts" after conclusion of the truce on the Manchukuo-Outer Mongolia border.



Eufaula, Oklahoma, Thursday, February 1, 1940.
Page 2

  Congress is confronted with the touchy question as to whether this country should extend financial aid to Finland, northern European democracy which is making the whole world take notice of her gallant battle against overwhelming odds with Soviet Russia. Since the launching of the aggression two months ago by Soviet Russia, the red armies have been repulsed with heavy casualties. Most experts believe Russia will win shortly by sheer numbers unless military and financial
aid is given by various countries.
  A large number who oppose U. S. financial assistance claim that It would be unneutral for this country to make a loan to the Finns expressing fear that such aid might lead to grave difficulties with Russia.
  It is highly debatable whether this country' should make the loan, chiefly because we are not in too good a financial condition to shoulder an additional burden. As. to the fear of offending Russia by such aid, this paper takes the view there is little argument in this latter contention to necessitate the refusal of funds to Finland.
  Russia, dominated solely by the communists, is not interested in a thing except increasing the power of its own government. In fact she hates any institution that is democratic or capitalistic in nature.
  Even though this country recognized Russian 1933, Soviet leaders do not like us a bit better' at the present than they did before 1933, Stalin and his comrades have wilfully violated the pact signed with this country seven years ago by carrying on viscous propaganda work and espionage activities. They have caused enough trouble already in our internal affairs that we should break off diplomatic relations with that country.
  Financial aid to Finland would constitute a far less grievous act on our part than what Russia has been doing to molest the United States by trying to set up communism in this country.

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