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December 14, 1944;



First Army Plunges Through Monschau Forest
Southwest of Cologne; Vichhoven, Schophoven
Capture Clears Nazi Forts North of Bastion

PARIS, Dec. 14 (U.P.)—
American troops virtually completed the conquest of a 15-mile stretch of the west bank of the Roer river today and stormed the western outskirts of Duren, key citadel astride the primary water barrier before the Cologne plain. While Lieutenant-General Courtney P. Hodges' left wing was closing up against the Roer between Duren and the Ninth Army front, his First Army doughboys to the south drilled into the Siegfried defenses to the area of Wahlerscheid, 5 miles
southeast of Monschau.
The day old offensive in the Monschau forest was developing steadily despite sub-freezing weather, 8 inches of snow,and a close-knit maze of fortifications and barbed wire.
Far to the southeast, Lieutenant-General Alexander M. Patch's Seventh Army smashed to the Rhine beyond Seltz in the northeastern tip of France and drove within less than 4 miles of the German border running" - west from the Karlsruhe corner.
Liberation Near
A few miles to the west,1 other units of the Seventh Army were only 2 miles from the Pulatlnate frontier above Mattstall, and front dispatches indicated that the liberation of the northern tip of Alsace was near.

Tokyo Hit
by B-29s
Photos Show 40 Direct
Hits on Aircraft
Works in Nogoya Raid

Direct hits scored in daylight precision bombing left smoking destruction in three highly important Japanese war centers after yesterday's Superfortress attacks on aircraft facilities at Nagoya in Japan, marshalling yards at Rangoon in Burma,, and the transportation hub of Bangkok in Thailand, the war department reported today.
Some 100 B-29s from Saipan scored repeated direct hits on the Mitsubishi aircraft plant at Nagoya, a Twentieth Air Force communique said, and a few hours later "a substantial force" of Superforts from Indian bases hit Rangoon and Bangkok.
One B-29 failed to return from the Nagoya raid, the communique said, and must be presumed lost. Nothing was said of any losses^ in the other attacks.
The raids on Bangkok and Rangoon were aimed at transportation targets. Excellent results were reported at Rangoon where the railroad marshalling yards were attacked in clear weather.
Important military transportation facilities were the targets at Bangcok. Good results were reported despite considerable cloud cover.
Meanwhile, Tokyo reported a new Superfortress nuisance raid on the Japanese capital.

Total Surrender
Sought of E. A.M.
Government Sources Demand Unconditional
Victory, Refuse Political Terms Suggested
by Rebels; "Island" of British Shelled

.ATHENS, Dec. 14. (U.P.)—
E. L. A. S. forces resumed shelling central Athens this afternoon, breaking a lull in which reports circulated that peace negotiations were about to end
the 11-day battle of Athens.
The new bombardment of the "island" of British and Greek government territory in the heart of Athens began at 3:35 p. m. E. L. A. S. sources reported earlier that the E. A. M. had decided to accept terms and evacuate Athens if the British would guarantee a general amnesty for the E. L. A. S. and inclusion of Leftists in a new national government. ,
Greek . government sources reported that they would insist on unconditional surrender, and could not accept such political terms as were reported to have been suggested by the E.; A. M

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