Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 19, 1944; NAZI DRIVE COUNTRED:



American Blows Thrown in as Germans Probe Belgium
And Luxembourg on 60-Mile Front; Security Silence
Still Masks True Situation on Vital War Front
PARIS, Dec. 19.—American doughboys and tanks struck back today at
the German armor-powered counter-offensive that had cut 20 miles into Bel.
gium. while to the north First Army patrols crossed the Roer River barrier
into Duren.
American blows to stabilize the front were thrown in as the bold Nazi
push probed into Belgium and Luxembourg on a 60-mile front.
The First Army maintained pressure on the Cologne front despite the menacing arms offensive.
Just before noon yesterday patrols of the 83rd Division's 329th Regiment crossed the formidable Roer River- and pushed into Duren. stronghold city 20 miles from Cologne.
Supreme headquarters imposed! security silence on the powerful German counter-offensive, but a First Army dispatch said one German tank thrust below Maiichau
"had some success in a frontal push" with the Germans being contained on some sectors.

The Germans were striking from above Manchau to near Echternach. The deep plunge into Belgium carried a broad flanking threat to Aachen.

Nazis Claim Victory
LONDON. Dec. 19.—(AP)—The
German high command declared today that Nazi tank forces "have broken through, smashed and dispersed units of the American first Army deep in to The enemy rear." The broadcast German communique said that American tanks hurled against the advancing Germans were repulsed "during a night tank battle."
"Our troops continued attacks along  the whole front," the communique added. The bulletin declared 21 aircraft were shot down by Nazi fighters and bombers

Opposition Greater in
Oregon, Washington
Than in California
The' West Coast reacted with mixed emotions today to the Army's announcement that loyal Japanese may start returning to California, Oregon, Washington and Southern Arizona as soon after January 2 as they can get the proper clearances
find arrange transportation.
The reactions ranged from outright hostility to the Army order to forthright approval of it as a clearcut , representation workings of a democracy.
There was no doubt anywhere in the four States, though, that the return of an estimated 60,000 Japanese unquestionably will present it’s problems.
The three coastal states already crowded with war-workers who have migrated here from other states, and they fear the. problems that will result when the Japanese seek housing, employment, .schooling and social contact with their former neighbors.

DEATH 24,000
LONDON, Dec. 19. — (AP)—
The British War Office asserted today that the Japanese had worked more than 60,000 white captives under such brutal and- inhuman conditions in building the Burma-Thailand railway that 24.000 of them had died. Of the 25,000 men, the War Office reported, fewer than 1000 were Japanese, and the remainder were English.
Australians and. Dutch.
In an urge for speed, the Japanese disregarded completely "the cost, in human life." the War Office said. Sick prisoners wore even carried to work on stretchers. Severe
beatings were administered to officer and men. the statement said, and there were also cases "of torture, and killing."
The statement supplemented an oral report to Commons by Sir James Grigg. war secretary, who said the Japanese used at least 60,000 White prisoners "regardless
of condition under which the prisoners worked  and the cost in human life.

Churchill to
Be Quizzed on
Greek Policy
Labor Party Makes
Formal Demand for
Debate in Commons
LONDON. Dec. 19. — M'I —
The House of Commons will hold a special debate on Greece tomorrow,
with Prime Minister Churchill expected to speak.
This was announced tonight several hours after Churchill had sidetracked a new effort in Commons to get his comments of the Greek situation.
Churchill refused also to give a full scale review of the war.
Cabinet ministers agreed to tomorrow's debate after a committee of the Labor party submitted a formal demand.
In Commons today Churchill was forced into hot- tempered  defense of British troops intervention in Belgium.

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