Saturday, July 20, 2013

July 20, 1945; 4 HONSHU CITIES BOMBED:



Charleston, West Virginia, Friday Morning. July 20. 1945.



Naval Challenge
Ignored by Japs
Yanks Meet No Opposition
In Bold Strike by Sea

GUAM, Friday Jul. 20 (AP)

—Bombarding guns of the U. S.. 3d Fleet carried Adm. William r. Halsey' battle challenge right to Tokyo bay Thursday and the  Japanese, still declining the challenge, worried over when the next blow would fail..

The fleet was continuing it’s destructive rampage along the homeland's Pacific coast into the eleventh day. Tokyo radio assumed.

A record force of more than 500 Marianas-based American Superfortresses rained 4.000 Ions of incendiary and demolition bombs on four Honshu island cities and oil refinery before dawn today.

The cities were Choshl, Fufcui, Okazaki and Hitachi, bringing to 46 the total number of industrial centers hit by B-29 fire raids.

Hitachi. 80 miles north of Tokyo. was bombarded by battleships and supporting vessels of the fleet Tuesday night, in a shelling along the Honshu coast continuing into Wednesday.

Tokyo speculated nervously on whether the series of damaging attack; were "spasmodic" or preludes to a "quick" invasion.

American cruisers and destroyers, which started shelling Nojima cap* at the entrance to Tokyo bay Wednesday at II p. m. continued the bombardment into the early hours of Thursday.


Japanese People
Tiring of Fight


A Japanese naval ministry official todav admitted some Nipponese were showing some resentment toward their war duties.

The broadcast remarks of Navy Vice Minister Takeo Tada followed a radio attempt to explain to America why Japanese planes have failed to oppose Allied fleet bombardments of the Nipponese homeland.

Domei. Japanese news agency, in broadcast recorded by the FTC said Tada told employees of the navy ministry that "it is regrettable" that some of their countrymen have become "discouraged by the real facts of this fierce war."

These people have "become resigned to an attitude of aimless and destructive disinterest and abandonment" and "neglect their duties and become idle and resentful."

Tada was quoted as saying. Explain' B. S. Attacks

The Tokyo newspaper Mainicht in a broadast beamed to America, said the Allies' bold naval attacks on Jap-cities—four of them so far this week —.where only a "feeble attempt' of retalation the Japanese air force which is now admits is time for action.



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