Monday, July 8, 2013

July 5, 1945; Bombers/ Fighters Pound Japanese Coast:


46TH YEAR; VOL. 46—NO. 216 Star of Hope. 1899: Press, 1927.

Consolidated January 18. 1929. HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, JULY 5, 1945 (AP)—Means Associated Press

(NEA)—Means News Paper Enterprise Assn. PRICE 5c COPY


Guam, July 5 — (UP)— The Japanese radio said two powerful American air fleets totaling some 300 Superforts, Liberators . and fighters attacked the Tokyo area, the port of Nagasaki and other targtes on Honshu and Kyushu today.

The pre-invasion softening up of the Japanese •• homeland • roared through its 30th straight day with morning and , afternoon assaults  menaced by Superforts "and Liberators with a strong fighter screen, Tokyo broadcasts reported.

The raiding forces were reported ranging widely over the main Japanese islands in' what had become virtually a non-stop offensive by daylight.

The first enemy, accounts of today's  attacks said nine Superforts and about 100 long range Mustang fighters hit Honshu. They concentrated on: the Chiba, Ibaraka and Tockigi prefectures in the Tokyo area.

A few hours later about 200 Liberators and fighters attacked objectives in Kyushu. The heaviest blow was struck, at Nagasaki and nearby; Omura; the Japanese said. Other targets, in MiyaZaki, Oita, Saga and . Nagasaki prefectures
were attacked.

Thundering 'in: across the 'Japanese coast in three formations,' the raiders bombed and shot up ground targets in eastern Honshu for a full hour between 11. a.m. and noon (10 to 11 p.m., .EWT), according to the enemy, version.


Reconquest of Philippines
Greatest Disaster in Jap
History, Declares MacArthur

Manila, .July 5 — (/P)— All the Philippines islands have been won back in the  greatest disaster ever sustained by Japanese armys,"

Gen. Douglas MacArthur proudly proclaimed today and their 115,600 square miles arc being transformed into bases "comparable to the British Islands" to spur the march on Tokyo.

In 250 days of campaigning, American divisions whipped 35 Japanese divisions in rare instances when . a "one of the ground force superior in numbers was entirely destroyed by a numerically inferior opponent".

Roughly 420,000 Japanese were slaughtered, including such hated outfits as the 16lh Imperial division which tortured American and Filipino prisoners in the "death march", after the 1942 fall of Bataan.


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