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July 21, 1945; Peace Only U. S. War Aim:





Air Thrusts
Smack Empire

By Associated Press
GUAM, Saturday, July 21.
While a security blackout! still barred details of the American and British fleets' air-surface blows at Tokyo Bay Wednesday and Thursday, navy and army headquarters today reported other widespread aerial thrusts at! the feebly defended Japanese empire.

The second strike by P-51 Mustang fighters in one day hit the Osaka-Nagoya industrial district Friday as 94 of the fast raiders from Okinawa raked boats, airfields and aircraft, factories in Okasaki, Oilsn and Kamasaki without meeting  aerial opposition. Three Mustangs were lost, presumably to anti aircraft-fire. Eighty Mustangs based on Iwo Jima struck earlier in the day at four industrial towns in the wake of a record pre-dawn strike by more than 600 Superforts.

Search Planes Off Honshu



And Docks in
Shanghai Hit

By Associated Press
MANILA, Saturday, July 21.—More than 200 Far East airforce bombers and fighters lashed airdromes and docks at Shanghai Wednesday for the second straight day, headquarters announced, today.

Continuation of full-scale raids to knock-out the largest Japanese-held air and shipping center in China brought attacks on five airdromes by close formations of Liberator heavies, Mitchell mediums and Invader attack-bombers.

The 7th Airforce heavy bombers dropped 300-pound general purpose bombs on Woosung Airdrome on the banks of the Yangtze causing three fires. Smoke rose 6,000 feet.

62 Planes Raid Shanghigh Airfield

Sixty-two Mitchells bombed and strafed Tachang Airdrome, northwest of Shanghai and Tinghai Airfield, near the entrance of Hangchow Bay, watering revetments and starting fires.



By Associated Press
CHUNGKING, July. 20.—Chinese troops have captured!
Yiyang, key waterway-control just south of Tung Ting lake in China's great "rice bowl," the Chinese high command announced Friday as Premier T. V. Soong predicted; victory this year or early in 1946.

On widespread fronts, the Chinese announced the clearing of 50 miles of the South China "invasion coast," and further advances toward Kweilin, while an American communique hinted at a Chinese thrust at, Caobang, 13 miles inside Indo-China.

Attack Machine Gun Nests

The U. S. communique, without elaboration, said American fighters "in support of Chinese ground forces attacked machine gun positions at Caobang in French Indo-China, inflicting casualties."

The Chinese have not mentioned any drive toward Caobang. Yiyang..


Jap Planes Strike Back
At U.S. Bases on Okinawa

By Associated Press

OKINAWA, July 20.—Japanese planes have returned to Okinawa skies after an absence of nearly a month, indicating' the enemy may not have yet entirely written off the loss of this strategic island, now a base for devastating raids on southern Japan.

They have caused four raid alerts in two nights but apparently little or no damage. Three Americans were slightly injured in the latest raid, made last, night during a storm.

The Nipponese p l a n e s attempted to come in under protection of the storm and three of them crashed, one in an occupied area. One tried to make a suicide run but missed.


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