Saturday, October 12, 2013



French Premier, in Address
Asserts "War Accepted Because
Germany Wants to Impose
Domination of Europe."
Recalls Conquests

(By H. Taylor Henry)
Paris —(AP)— Premier Valadmer replied to Adolf Hitler's peace overtures today with a declaration that France and Britain "will continue to fight to obtain a definite guarantee of security" for the "lasting peace of Europe."

The premier's declaration, made in a nationwide broadcast, apparently closed the door to peace negotiations on the basis of the formula advanced by Hitler in his reichstag speech Friday.

Careful consultation with Britain preceded the address in which Deladier and the allies had entered the war "because Germany wanted to impose her domination on Europe."

Fuehrer Points Out How Poland
Was Demolished in Few
Weeks As He Makes Plea for
Winter Relief Work — Again
Blames Allies

Berlin —AP— Adolf Hitler declared today that if Germany's "readiness for peace" was declined Germany was determined "to take up the fight and fight it out one way or the other. "In a few weeks the state which thought it could threaten German interests most insolently (Poland) has been demolished—thanks to our soldiers and our military strategy," the Fuehrer declared.” What the future may bring we do not know. But of this we are certain: No power on earth ever again will be able to force Germany to her knees.  "They will not defeat us militarily, economically or psychically."

Tremendous cheering greeted this declaration, delivered in a speech in Berlin's huge Sportspalast winter relief campaign.
Hitler declared Germany was determined to fight the war to the bitter end if necessary and once more laid-the responsibility for continuing the struggle on the reich's adversaries.

Administration Forces Defeat
Move to Separate Shipping
Provisions Front Arms Embargo
Repeal Issue—Vote Is
65-26—Wagner Makes Plea
for Adoption.

Washington —{AP)— Administration forces in the senate defeated today1 a, motion to separate shipping provisions of the neutrality bill from the arms embargo repeal issue.

The' vote was announced as 65 against to 26 for the motion. There was a division of opinion among leaders as to whether the administration's victory could be counted a test of-strength on the neutrality bill itself—the most controversial section of which is that providing repeal of the present embargo on arms.
Majority Leader Barkley of  Kentucky told reporters he regarded the vote as a measuring stick but Senator Borah, Republican, Idaho, a leader of the opposition in the neutrality fight, said it could not be so considered.

The motion to split up the bill was made by Senator Tobey", Republican, New Hampshire. He proposed to send the measure back to the foreign ., relations committee with instructions ,to write two. bills—one the embargo repealer, the other setting forth restrictions on American shipping and travel to belligerents.


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