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International Law
Violation Is

Resentment Over
Ship Incident

The United States government tonight issued a sharply-worded statement criticizing the Soviet Union government for its reported ' surrender of the American freighter City of Flint to a German prize crew.

The state department further charged the Nazi destroyer crew, which seized the City of Flint at sea, with apparent violation of International law in taking the vessel into the neutral Soviet Arctic port of Murmansk.

Expressing mounting indignation over the Soviet's reported release of the ship to the Nazi prize crew, the state department contended it was the "clear duty of the Soviet to turn the vessel back to its American 'crew.

Apparently laying diplomatic groundwork for a stern, formal protest to Moscow, the department charged the Soviet government with ' failing to co-operate with this nation in disclosing tile true facts of the vessel's whereabouts and condition, or the fate of the American crew.


David Lloyd George Deplores
War to Finish' Decision

Prlme Minister of Great Britain During the World War.

. (Copyright, .1939, by United Feature; Syndicate Inc. Reproduction, In whole or In part prohibited).

LONDON, Oct. 28.—I fear that .we must, dismiss the hope that was engendered In many breasts that peace talks on an international scale might be arranged to avert the impending horror, .

Three great  and brave nations, armed with every device for the destruction of human life and civilization which science can Invent and highly skilled industry can produce, are about to hurl those diabolical contrivances at each other—for years. That is the ghastly prospect that lies in front of hundreds of millions of people who are not personally responsible for the catastrophe.

I had a faint, lingering expectation that the stern speech of the prime minister in reply to Herr Hitler's overtures might not be regarded as a slamming of the door on peace negotiations ,

It took the German government several days finally to make up their minds as to whether they should take that view of the last sentences In Mr. Chamberlain's speech. . No Doubt Left
Herr Von Ribbentrop's Danzig deliverance,, strengthened by Marshal Soering's outburst, has left no doubt in anyone's mind that we must face long, cruel and devastating war.



Nazi Ship Raids British Craft

LONDON, Oct. 28.—(INS)—A bigger, more powerful, and better armed fighter than the famed cruiser Emden, which ravaged the South Pacific In the World war, the German pocket battleship Admits! Von Scheer may have rounded Cape Horn and now is raiding British shipping In the Pacific, the Dally Telegraph's authoritative naval correspondent suggested today.

Since sinking the British merchantman Clement, the Admiral Von Scheer IIM been dodging British cruisers for more than a, month o» the east coast of South America.

War at a Glance

By International News Service.
State of war in Europe late Saturday night:

Two German fliers were killed when a Nazi fighting plane was forced down by British aircraft after a thrilling air battle in view of hundreds of spectators near Dalkeith, Scotland.

New successful R. A. F. reconnaissance flights over southern Germany last night were announced by the air ministry.

Bodies of five German sailors picked up at sea testified to sinking of a German U-boat by French patrol vessels.

The City of Flint, with 41 American seamen aboard and commanded by German crew, believed bound for some unknown German port, while a Stockholm newspaper predicted a "disagreeable situation" if she is intercepted by the British.

London and Paris hailed the senate vote on repeal of the arms embargo, while Berlin said that only future developments and practical application of the measure would determine, whether Germany will consider it a "hostile or unfriendly act," The reich withheld any threats of counter-action however.

Systematic German artillery fire, reported on the western front. Germany admitted losing three submarines.


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