Wednesday, October 9, 2013



Would Permit
Roosevelt to
Obtain Peace

Colorado Solon Says Whole
World Would BE Gratified
by Three-Day Adjournment
—Rep. Fish Is Target

The senate agreed late today to vote by 2 PM. (E.ST) tomorrow on a motion by Senator Tobey (R-N'.J.) to split the administration neutrality bill into two parts.

Tobey's motion would send the bill back to the foreign relations committee with Instructions to draft separate legislation to repeal the existing arms embargo
and to impose restrictions on American shipping and travel policy has concluded the restrictive provisions should be enacted at once and that embargo repeal should  be considered later.

WASHINGTON. Oct. 9.—(AP)—The senate leadership blocked temporarily today an effort by Senator Johnson (D.-Colo.) to recess the chamber to give President Roosevelt a free hand to work for European peace.

Johnson told the chamber "the whole world would be gratified" If the senate would recess for three days. This, he said, would be considered a sign the United States wanted peace in Europe, and the people were counting on the chief executive to do what he could to effect it.

Russia Throws
Weight Behind
Peace Gesture

Soviet Government's Official
Newspaper Accuses Great
Britain and France of "Returning
to Middle Ages"
Soviet Government's Official Newspaper Accuses Great Britain and France of "Returning to Middle Ages"

AMSTERDAM, Oct. 9.—(AP)— Rescue boats from The Netherlands reported the Finnish freighter Intlra, 2,020 tons, sank today lifter striking a mine off the island of Terschelllng.

Only wreckage of the sunken freighter was found but the entire crew of the Intlra was believed rescued by nearby Finnish ships, which proceeded on their way, Netherlands, sailors said.

Associated Press
Soviet Russia threw her weight behind Adolf Hitler's peace gestures today in an editorial in the government newspaper Izvestia, accusing Great Britain and France of "returning to the middle ages" for waging war to "exterminate Hitlerism."

At the same lime, it was announced Premier-Foreign Commissar Vyachcslaff Molotoff had reached a quick decision last night at Moscow with leaders of a German trade delegation.

The delegation arrived only yesterday to expedite stimulated trade between Russia and Germany under the recent formal trade and credit agreement between the Nazi-Communist partners, It was not specified what goods were involved. Besides the German delegation  Russia was host lo the foreign ministers of Turkey and Lithuania and expected a third diplomat, former Premier Juhu Kusti Paasiklvi of Finland, tonight or tomorrow she pushed forward her bargain driving campaign on Russian frontiers from the Gulf of Finland to the Black Sea.



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