Sunday, November 17, 2013

November 17, 1939; England Rule Must Cease:


Rule By England
Must Cease,
Press Thunders

Abandonment of Defensive War
Attitude Implies New Tactics;
Reich Floats Big Munitions Loan

BERLIN, Nov. 16 (AP)—Germany, an inspired announcement said Thursday, "must liberate Europe from the unbearable yoke of British rule of might." This proclamation of an offensive rather than a defensive war aim was the reich's reply to British-French failure to accept King Leopold's and Queen Wilhelmina's mediation offer, authoritative sources said.

The statement recalled a remark made by a high-ranking nazi to newspaper men the week before Germany started her invasion of Poland, September 1. "If England meddles in our affair with Poland," the nazi said then, "the price will be destruction
of the British empire."
Press Takes Up Cry
For several weeks no statement of German war aims had been made as specific as that given foreign correspondents Thursday. All German evening papers printed the declaration.


Nazis' Threats
Fall Flat as
War Stagnates

Words Hint Split
German Leaders

By Klrkc L. Simpson
Associated Tress Staff Writer
A new declaration of nazi Germany's prime war aim as destruction of "British supremacy in the world" due to allied rejection of peace proposals sounded oddly against the actual war background.

Progress reports from all the batteless bttlefronts of the war, afloat^ ashore and in the air, had faded to a mere murmur of activity as that challenge was uttered in Germany.


Holland Maps
Of Evacuation

Plans Complete
To Move

THE HAGUE. Netherlands, Nov. 16 (UP)—The government announced Thursday, following collapse of the Dutch-Belgian peace appeal, completion of plans for evacuation of nearly 2,000,000 women and children from lowland areas if any invasion threatens.

The Wielingen ship passages on the southwestern coast, dredged channels of the Schelde river used by Dutch and Belgian shipping, were understood to have been closed, but officials refused to discuss the action on the grounds that matters of military secrecy are involved.

Belgian shipping circles were disturbed by the closing of the Wielingen passages, forcing their vessels to use the more difficult Oostgate channel into the North Sea, and mild protests were raised during the day in the Belgian parliament at Brussels.
Waters Reported Mined
The waters of the Wielingen passages were said to have been heavily mined by the Dutch, obliging Antwerp-bound ships to use the longer Oostgate channel to the north.

Belgian quarters said that the Dutch defense measures indicated that, "in event of an invasion by Holland, Belgium would hardly be able to remain neutral because of both military and economic reasons.

An invasion of Holland, it was said, would leave Belgium virtually without sea access and the ports of Ostend, Ghent, Zeebrugge and Antwerp would be paralyzed Belgium, under such conditions would be deprived of about 50 per cent of her imports of raw materials and other goods, it was stated.

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