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Berlin Tells Large Scale Offensive  By A i r.

Special Wireless to I. N. S.

BERLIN Nov. 25.—Direct bomb were scored on four British warships late today in an attack by a German air squadron about 550 miles north of Germany's coast, it was announced tonight. Despite the most intense anti-aircraft fire, all the German warplanes returned safely to their base after the spectacular raid, it was claimed.

The air bombing of the British, naval concentration was believed to have been carried out either at or In the vicinity of the Orkney Islands north of Scotland, where Britain's main wartime naval base Is situated at historic Scapa, Flow. The Orkney islands and the Shetland Islands, both of which were raided today by , German planes, ore located approximately 500 to 600 miles north by west of Germany's naval-air base of Wilhelmshaven.


The German claim that four additional British warships were damaged by German bombs was contained in an announcement by the official news agency, DNB, read over the Berlin radio.



2 RAIDS MADE Device to Destroy Mines ClaimedBy Allies.

LONDON, Nov. 25.—(INS)—German warplanes late today executed two more bombing attacks on a British warship fleet in the North Sea, but scored no hits and inflicted no casualties or damage, the admiralty said in an official communique tonight.

Contrary to a Berlin announcement which claimed four warships were damaged by the rain of bombs, the communique said "many bombs were dropped" but that all had missed and had spent their explosive power in the sea.

The official notice of the Nazi attacks was issued shortly after a large concentration of airplanes was reported in action near the Orkney Islands, not far from the great British naval base at Scapa Flow.


Whether these planes were part or all of the same German squadrons which hurtled bombs on the British -warships, was not disclosed An air ministry statement said merely that the mass of planes had been "detected" In action. No details of battle were added.

Air raid sirens were sounded and anti-aircraft batteries were fully manned for possible action against what may have been a German air armada larger than any which heretofore have appeared over British soil.

The air raid alarm lasted 37 minutes.



Strong Appeal to Be Shaped During Week of Prayer

VATICAN CITY, NOV. 25—(INS) Pope Pius XII may renew his appeal for world peace within the next few weeks in stronger, more ardent terms than heretofore, it was understood in Vatican circles tonight.

The Pope has been increasingly s saddened by the European war, it was learned, and the possibility of its extension until the conflict threatens Christian civilization has worried him.

He intends fervently to pray for peace during a week of spiritual exercises beginning tomorrow. This will be climaxed, it was said, by strong peace plea to the world to be made during one of the next few Sundays preceding Christmas.


SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1939 ANTONIO LIGHT.          5                                                      
Ruin Is Ultimate Price of World War

The British people were told by Sir John Simon, chancellor of the exchequer, in a radio address the other day that the war is already costing England six million pounds sterling EVERY DAY. ". , That would be THIRTY MILLION DOLLARS at par. No wonder he characterized the present European conflict as "the most expensive war that has ever been fought." It is idle to think England can afford, or ever pay for, such a conflict.

They already bankrupt, impoverished and war pauperized nations of Europe cannot afford it, nor can they ever pay for it or in any manner profit from it. Most of them probably will not even survive it as independent nations. Why must such a war be fought?

These nations of Europe are absolutely ruining themselves. They will be completely bankrupt, and in the end will be prostrate before the Communist invasion which they all know impends.

They should think about the common end of COMMUNIST RULE AND RUIN which is in store for them all.


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