Sunday, November 3, 2013



."WASHINGTON (AP) — America's new-neutrality program, lifting .the arms embargo but narrowing 'the "freedom of the seas policy for United States shipping, required only last-minute formalities by Congress today before becoming law.

A sweeping administration victory in the House that rejected proposals for complete and partial embargoes by more than 60 votes set the stage for quick final action and adjournment of the special session before the week ends.

MOSCOW (AP) — Pravda, organ of the Communist party, declared today that Finland's 'Foreign Minister Eljas Erkko had "directly threatened" the Soviet Union and that his; remarks of Wednesday night "cannot be appraised otherwise than as an appeal for war with the U. S. S.R."

Pravda said' Erkko's position was "precisely like that of Former Polish Foreign Minister Beck. It is known that he too made provocative speeches before the: Polish-German war, and the result was that he provoked war with Germany.


WASHINGTON (AP) — A billion dollars worth of European orders is expected by some officials to be placed with American manufacturers as soon as President Roosevelt signs the arms embargo bill.

They estimated- that amount would be contracted within a few weeks, with most of the supplies going to Great Britain and France.

Enactment of-the bill will permit Great Britain and France to obtain some 300 warplanes which have been completed since the embargo was imposed.

Cancelled,- export, licenses for planes 'and. munitions, probably reinstate Great Britain's impounded orders aggregate $14,680,807 and those of France $58,205,739. –



BERGEN, Norway (AP) — Several British warships were observed off the Norwegian coast today, apparently watching the progress of the captive-United States freighter City of Flint, and the danger was -said to exist they might attempt to seize her.

The City . of Flint passed the Bergen naval district at 9:30 A. M. (3:30 A.. M.; E. S.,T.) today accompanied by the" Norwegian minelayer Olav Tryggvason and two Norwegian destroyers.

Authoritative 'sources said a member .of the City of Flint's American crew was sick and under treatment by a physician from the Olav Tryggvason. The seaman was not 'identified.

Observers here said it was possible. British warships would attempt to take, the City of Flint from "her German captors a few hours after, she leaves Haugesund, 75 miles south' of here, when she cuts into the open, sea across the entrance to Erukken Fjord.

The freighter v?as expected to reach Haugesund at about 4 P. M. (10,A. M., E. S. T.) and "belief was expressed that the sick seaman might be sent ashore there for | further treatment.

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