Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 1939' CiTYOF FLINT IS FREED:

Russian Bear Dominates Ninth Week
Of War Activity of neutrals highlighted the ninth week of war in Europe as belligerents in the west reported the usual battles on land and sea and in the air. Finland's alarm at Soviet demands and U. S. anxiety for the crew of the City of Flint focused attention on Russia's past and future moves.

Signature Opens
United States Market
To Cash Sales To Belligerents.

By Lyle C. W1Lson
United Press Staff Correspondent

WASHINGTON.— President Roosevelt signed the new Neutrality Met today,
completing repeal of the arms embargo and opening U. S. markets to cash and
carry purchases by belligerents.
Other provisions of the act will become effective by mid-afternoon when he signs proclamations barring submarines from American ports, proclaiming forbidden
war zones and reversing  the cash and carry policy which expired last spring.

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