Sunday, December 15, 2013

December 15, 1939;FINLAND ASKS FOR TRUCE:


HEISINKI. Dec. 15. (AP)—Finland’s foreign minister, Vaino Tanner, today appealed . in a radio brooadcast to Russian Foreign Commissar Vacheslaff Molotoff for a suspension  of hostilities and resumption of  negotiations on the basis of the principle of small nations' right of self determination.
Tanner, who took part in the long-drawn Kremlin negotiations which preceded the Russian invasion, recalled that Russia had lent support to this principle.
He recalled also how the Moscow government broke off diplomatic relations with Finland, refused mediation by the United States, rejected Sweden's efforts at conciliation and spurned League of Nations' appeal for mediation of the dispute.
"However, the air is still open, Tanner said.
Quotes Stalin Statement
“When I recently visited the big agricultural exposition at Moscow,” the Finnish foreign minister said, “I saw on the wall of one of the buildings a stirring sentence by your leader, Mr. Stalin;“

‘The Soviet Union does not cover a single inch of the territory of other states but it will defend every inch of its own soil.

“There is reason at this moment to save that slogan from sinking into oblivion.

“Finland still is ready for peaceful negotiation, but if Moscow’s aim is conquest of the whole country then the Finns will fight to the end.



BERLIN. Dec. 15. (INS)
German pursuit planes shot down 10 British bombing planes in a major aerial battle near the North Frisian islands. a German war communique stated today. British bombing attacks against other important German naval bases were unsuccessful, the statement indicated. It said: “German anti-aircraft batteries at Borkum drove off a British bomber. “Two other bombers attempted an attack. They dropped four bombs which fell into the sea.

"In an air battle resulting from a British attack on the North Frisian islands. German pursuit planes shot down 10 out of 20 British bombers, while one German chaser was forced to go down in the sea.
West Front Activity
PARIS, Dec. 15. (INS)—Heavy German patrol activity broke out again on the western front today, particularly in the area between the Vosges mountains and the Blies river.

Near the Blies, two German reconnaissance patrols penetrated the advanced French lines but were driven off. Later a. French two-section patrol encountered a similar German group in no man’s land and a hot fight developed in a Vosges mountain forest. There were some casualties on both sides.

A war ministry spokesman, meanwhile, confirmed reports that “some movements” of German troops have been noted by the French during the past few days.

Reports received in Paris indicated that the recent German patrol activities have become increasingly daring.


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