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December 7, 1939; F.D.R. Seeks to Aid Finns


(See below for F.D.R. Works on Program to Aid Finns)
Balkans Seen
As Next Goal
Of Stalin
Near East Included
Apparently as Turkey
Is Denounced
Watch Bulgaria
Which Casts Eyes
On Own Lost Territory
MOSCOW, Dec. 6.—(AP) The Balkans, particularly Rumania, and the Near-East appeared to be the next goals-of expanding Russian ambitions tonight as Soviet soldiers struggled against determined Finland in semi-polar conditions.

An article in "Communist International," organ of the International Communist organization, urged Rumania to sign a mutual assistance pact with Russia similar to those signed by Estonia, Latvia -and Lithuania. Russia gained military bases in those states.

(Official Rumanian quarters in-Bucharest exhibited scant interest in, the mutual assistance pact suggestion.)

"Communist International" also /carried articles denouncing Turkey and the "imperialistic" British and French rule in India .and Syria.

"The 'political and economic situation in Rumania," the. Communist organ asserted, "makes it vitally necessary for –the peoples inhabiting Rumania to establish most friendly relations, with the Soviet Union, x x x

"The .Rumanian workers have struggled and will continue to struggle against the exploitation and oppression  of the peoples of the minorities in 'Rumania and or their right to self-determination, including the right of separation from Rumania^"
Britain, France Assailed'
In urging the Rumanian Communist party to. intensify its efforts, it Said only a. mutual assistance pact, .with Russia can prevent Rumania from -becoming involved in a "second imperialist war."

Another article accused Britain and France , of trying "to widen the death dealing radius of war on the .Balkan peninsula to create there a. military front against Germany."

"They desire to convert Turkey Into a strategic base in order to realize this plan," it added. "The position which the Turkish government is now taking presents a colossal danger for Turkey. Russia has a territorial claim against Rumania, the province of Bessarabia, which Rumania acquired in a post World war settlement.

Finns Claim
New Success .
Against Reds
Mark Anniversary
Of Independence
With Bitter Fighting

80 Russian Tanks
Wrecked Since Start
Of War, Finns Say

 MOSCOW, Dec. 7.— (Thursday)— (AP)— Soviet Russian military commanders announced tonight they had broken through the main. Finnish defense line — "known among Finnish white guards as' the ' Maginot-Kirke line"— on the Karelian isthmus. The breakthrough, a communique from Leningrad military headquarters asserted, was on the eastern section of the isthmus after artillery preparation.
HELSINKI, Dec. 6. — (/P) — Finland celebrated the 22nd anniversary of her independence today by fighting in the snows of her eastern frontiers for her liberty. .

At the . end of the day a General Staff communique announced that assaults of 200,000 soldiers of the army of Red Russia estimated to be engaged in an attempted invasion had been repulsed on all three fronts. .

Eighty Russian tanks had' been wrecked since the war started last Thursday morning, the staff announcement said, and 36 Red Air Corps planes brought down:

F.D.R. Works
On Program
To Aid Finns
Seeks To Determine
What May Be Done
By-Lending' Agencies

Hook Thinks Congress
May Turn $2,000,000
Back to Finland

By The Associaled Press
'WASHINGTON, Dec. 6.—The Administration marshalled its economic forces today for indirect support of Finland in her flight against Russian invasion,

while President Roosevelt expressed a hope "that the' Baltic nation would be able to preserve her "free political and social institutions."

The President conferred with Jesse Jones, head of the Federal Loan administration, and Norman Davis, chairman of the American Red Cross, on a program for aiding .Finland.

Mr. Roosevelt also took the occasion of Finland's independence day. to address a telegram to President Kallio of Finland,' saying: "This anniversary on which the Finnish people recall with pride the achievement of their independence gives me yet another welcome occasion to voice the wholehearted esteem felt for them and for-their government by the people and government of the United States.

"It is my earnest hope that these tragic days may not be-long in giving way to happier era to permit the Finnish people to continue, untroubled, the steady development -of their free, political and social institutions which have aroused the admiration of the American
May Send Surplus Products ;
With Jones, Mr. Roosevelt sought to determine what might 'be done for- the Finnish people through the' government's lending agencies. Jones said later there might be a move to send the Finns things to eat and wear, such as cotton, corn and wheat, surplus products in the United States.


Another development was an assertion by Rep. Hook (D., Mich.) that he would draft legislation to turn over to Finland the payments she has made on her war debt. President Roosevelt said yesterday he had instructed Secretary of the Treasury Morgenthau to hold the December 15 payment of $234,693 in a special account until he could get Congress'. permission to return it to Finland.

Hook said he believed Congress could implement a further suggestion by the President that payments in the last five years, totalling approximately $2,000,000, be turned back to the Nordic republic.


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