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February 10, 1945: Suicide Stand at Manila:


Hit Secondary
Defenses, Nazis
Flood The Roer
PARIS, Feb. 10.—(AP)—
Canadian 1st Army troops bursting through the main concrete belt of the Siegfried
line in the Reichswald, struck today t6 within 2 1-2 miles of Kleve, while the Germans flooded the Roer river on the U. S. Ninth Army front through cushing spillways of the Schwammenauei Dam.
Canadians and British forces, gaining two more miles, were assaulting earthworks of the Siegfrieds secondary defense in a power drive rolling 'toward the outskirts of Kleve, northern anchor of the original west wall.
Other units battled in the Rhine town of Milligen, six miles northwest of Kleve, in the army's .swift-developing threat to slice behind the Rhine and the rich Ruhr
industrial area.
Waters of the lower Roer river, along which the American Ninth Army is arrayed, rose a foot and a half in an hour at some points as the Germans opened floodgates of the Schwammenauel Dam impounding 170,000,000 tons of water.

Stiff Fight
Along Oder
LONDON, Feb. 10;—(AP)—
The Red army closed toward Koenigsberg today, apparently, preparing to storm that beleaguered East Prussian capital from all directions with a force
which the enemy said, included American amphibious tanks.
Moscow accounts said that Elbing, farther west, was receiving a terrible pounding from big Russian guns drawn up around the encircled Nazi- garrison. The Germans declared that Nazi naval units led by the 100,000-ton; pocket battleship Admiral Scheer were taking part in the Elbing fighting.
Simultaneously tremendous battles for position raged up and down the Oder River front as the First White Russian Army of Marshal Gregory K. Zhukov maneuvered for a big push on Berlin.

Smash Reich
Rail Centers
LONDON, Feb. 10. (AP)-
Continent based light bombers of the Allied tactical air forces, keeping up the
air attacks on Germany, blasted road and rail the Netherlands and the Western Reich last night.
Sixty-eight Nazi planes, including five jet-powered Messerchmitt-262s were destroyed in daylight, yesterday and Allied losses were 26 planes German jet planes escorted by
regular fighters challenged 1,300 American heavy bombers and almost 900 escorting Mustangs and Thunderbolts over the key rail targets of . Lutzkendorf, Weimar and Magdeburg. It marked the first time the 110-mile-a-minute jet craft had penetrated the American fighter screen for a direct attack on the bombers.

Stand At
MANILA, Feb. 10, (AP) —
Mined streets and Japanese mortars firing from the upper floors of office buildings slowed American infantrymen today in their stubbornly resisted drive through the heart of  Manila toward dock areas south of the Pasig River.  It was clear the desperate and trapped Japanese would fight long and bitterly in defense of the flame blackened Intramuros district, thru which the Yanks must pass to reach
the dock area from their amphibious Pasig River crossing.
Gen. Douglas MacArthur in his Communique today, described the fighting as "of the fiercest" and said the enemy was set for a "final stand.
While the llth Airborne 'Division pressed the southern side of a three way trap, five battalions of. the 148 and 129th infantry regiments of the 37th Division gained 2,000 yards from the Pasig as they headed into the strongly-defended Intramuros
(Walled City), a highly-congested commercial and residential area.

Late Wire Bulletins
(By The Associated Press) ,
.The Tokyo newspaper Yomiuri Hochi  Shimbun today (Saturday)
reflected some concern over the possibility Russia might enter the
war against Japan as a result of the present conference between
Premier Stalin, Prime Minister Churchill and President Roosevelt.
LONDON, Feb. 10—(AP)—
A full-scale offensive along the whole Western Front was predicted today by the German and Russian radios;
Sizing up the Canadian First Army offensive at the northern end
of the Siegfried Line, the Berlin radio said "It must be assumed this'
attack is only the beginning."
The Moscow radio, in a broadcast directed to the German people,
said that with the Big Three meeting, "it is certain the Allies In the
west will soon launch a major offensive."
LONDON, Feb. 10 — (IP)
Complete economic subjugation of Germany for years to come was endorsed by the CIO today before World Trade Union Conference.
J. B. Carey, secretary-treasurer of the CIO, said the organization favors Internationalization of a part of the Reich's Industrial areas, and believes German labor should be' required to rebuild the war wrecked parts of Europe. He told conference delegates that the CIO supports measures
which would completely destroy "every vestige of Nazism and Fascism."

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