Sunday, February 3, 2013

February 3,1945; Yanks 18 from Manila::


One Force 18 Air
Miles From Manila
By The Associated Press
American advances on all Luzon fronts, with one Yank force only 18 miles from Manila's northern city line, were reported by Gen. Douglas MacArthur late Thursday,
On the northeast front the Americans pushed ahead 32 miles to capture Cabanatuan, Santa Rosa and Gapan, while strong motorized forces penetrated to Sabang.
"This," said General MacAilhur, "gives us dominance of all major roads and railroads in the central plains" and totally; severs Japan's troops on north and south Luzon in the front approaching Manila, the Yanks were nearing Malolos, a road-rail center. Blocks on the main road in ihe Umingan sector gave the Americans complete control of the . highway in the north-central plain.  Heavy; fighting was in progress on the outskirts of Umingan. From the Olongapo naval base the Yanks pushed six miles across the mouth of Bataan peninsula. Japanese resistance was light.

Reds 38 to 51 Miles
Distant From Berlin
LONDON, Saturday, Feb. 3.—(AP)—
The Soviet high command announced last night that Russian troops in a 15-
mile smash through the Knstrin-Frankfort defense arc had rolled to within 51 miles of Berlin, while the Germans said the Red army already was attacking Kustrin and had-reached the Oder river at new points only 38 miles from the imperilled
Reich capital.
Simultaneously, the right wing of Marshal Gregory K. Zhukov's First White Russian army penetrated to within 36 miles southeast of Stettin, the Baltic port for Berlin, threatening to cut off a 13,500-Square-mile sector of Pomerania, the
Polish corridor and Danzig territory.
This stroke, a two-day 19 mile fighting advance northwest of fallen Landsberg, was aimed both at Lessening the danger of a German flanking attack against Zhukov's Berlin- bound central spearheads, and also at the eventual seizure of the prize ports of Stettin,
Gdynia and Danzig.
Berlin said that Soviet tank forces had begun attacking Kustrin, 40 miles northeast of bomb-ridden Berlin, after coiling around northwest, of that ancient fortress city and reaching the Oder river 39 miles or less from the Axis capital.

Nazis Leaders
Work Against
Call To Quit
LONDON, Feb. 2.—(AP)—
Nazi propagandists sought tonight to stiffen the German people against an expected "last surrender call" from* the
Big Three conference by warning of "political trickery in the decisive round of the
war." Neutral and German reports said that feverish preparations for defense of Berlin continued and a Moscow broadcast claimed that Propaganda Minister Paul Joseph Goebbels already had deserted the capital with his propaganda ministry for Bavaria.

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