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Kingsport, Tenn., Friday, March 2, 1945

Enters Duesseldorf
Suburbs; 3rd Army
Takes Ancient Trier
The American Ninth Army won a stand on the Rhine today and captured the western end of the Ruhr with its large cities of Krefeld and Neuss, the latter a suburb of Duesseldorf.
Germany's whole western front before the Rhine was collapsing. Far to the south, ancient Trier fell to the American Third Army which thus pried open the gate of the Moselle Valley leading to the middle Rhine cities of Coblenz, Mainz and Frankfurt.
Cologne, largest and most important of all cities in the Rhineland, was placed under artillery fire again while the American First Army fought less than five miles away on plains as flat as Kansas. Nearly 1,000 British heavy bombers spread new rubble in the metropolis, second only toBerlin as the most bombed city on j earth. 15 Miles of Bonn
The First also beat within 15 miles of Bonn and seven of Euskirchen, important Rhineland transit center.
With Canadian and British Troops In Germany— Canadian armor and infantry pushed through German suicide squads for an advance of more than five miles in the northern Rhine plain today.
Neuss, Germany—AP—Five German infantry divisions have been destroyed by the 9th Army's drive to the Rhine and three armored divisions have been
severely mauled, it was estimated today.
The First, Ninth and Third Armies were waging the greatest all-American offensive in history and scoring the greatest victory since the Brittany breakthrough.
The -broken German Army was routed in sectors; segments had been trapped.

Mighty Bomber
Fleets Back
Allied Armies
Close to 2,500 heavy bombers from Italy and Britain, shattered German and Austrian, targets today with Cologne and Dresden, immediately ahead of the
American and Russian armies, as the chief targets.
For the first time since Jan. 14 the German Air Force came up in. strength to give violent battle on this 19th consecutive day of the giant Allied air offensive. At least
62 enemy planes were shot down in battles over Germany. Twenty more were destroyed on the ground.
The Germans lost 186 planes when they last gave important battle two months ago.
Smashes Cologne
The RAF smashed at Cologne with 750 to 1,000 planes in the sector directly ahead of the U. S. First Army, and 1,200 -Flying Fortresses and Liberators hit a series of targets in southeastern Germany, including Dresden "and Chemnitz, in. front of Russian armies in Silesia.
Other Fortress and Liberator formations from Italy with Mustang and Lightning escort, bombed targets in the Linz area of Austria.

Mac Returns To 'Rock';
Spotlight Shifts To West;
Yanks Continue lwo Gains
By The Associated Press
Gen. Douglas MacArthur returned today to Corregidor, from which he fled three years ago, as the B-29s and veteran American invasion forces shifted the Pacific war spotlight southwestward toward Japan's as forces of the 41st Division invaded Palawan at the southern tip of the Philippine Archipelago Wednesday and were in firm control today of its principal port and two airfields. Palawan points like an accusing finger toward Nipponese held Borneo, Sumatra and Singapore.

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