Thursday, March 7, 2013



Yanks Close In
On Bonn; Push
Toward Coblenz
The American First army moved within two miles of the Rhine city of Bonn tonight while the swift and powerful Third army closed within 14 miles of the
middle Rhine and less than 20 of Coblenz. A censorship blackout suddenly
-was imposed on the First army operations—secrecy similar to that which pre?
vailed before the great Rhineland breakthrough and the Third army dash through tbe Eifels. The blackout suggested transcendent developments were in progress.
Resist at WeaeL
The First army, closing on Bonn from all sides, was said officially to have gained up to seven miles during the day, overrunning more than a dozen settlements including Bruhl, five miles south of the captured ruins in Cologne. The blackout prevented pinpointing the advance on the First army right flank, which has lagged far behind the left and center in the Cologne and Bonn areas.

Russians Open Big Battle
for Berlin, Say Germans

LONDON— (AP) —German broadcasts today declared the Russians
had opened the battle for Berlin, breaking into the northeastern defenses of Kuestrin on the Oder 39 miles from the reich capital, and assaulting Zehden on
the Oder's east bank 31 miles from Berlin.
Berlin said the Oder front was aflame along a 70-miIe stretch in south of Kuestrin almost all the way north to Stettin.
Tanks of Marshal Gregory Zhukov's 1st White Russian army attacked Zehden, 28 miles northwest of Kuestrin on the winding Oder, the German radio said, and possibly .were trying to drive a wedge across to turn on Berlin
or Stettin from the flank.
Smash to Kuestrin.
Attacking after a 24-hour artillery barrage, the Soviets punched into the northeastern defenses of Kuestrin, due east of Berlin, another nazi broadcast said.
The German high command said Zhukov launched a major assault intended to overwhelm Kuestrin and "establish further attacking bases" for a push on
The Germans weeks ago said the Russians had shoved bridgeheads over the Oder 30 to 40 miles below and above besieged Kuestrin.
Kuestrin was reported under attack from north and south.
Moscow was silent concerning this front.

Yanks Regroup
For Final Phase
Of Luzon Drive
Associated Press War Editor
Marines launched an all-out offensive to push .Japanese off the northern cliffs of Iwo island while 10 divisions of American soldiers in the Philippines reorganized |
today ''for the final phases of the  Luzon campaign." {Tokyo radio reported at least
eight Super-Fortresses harassed Japan during the night, including Tokyo, while another reconnoitered Korea for three hours today.
Chinese driving down into north Burma captured the Lashio airfield and the old town of Ashio, two miles from the main town. Lashio is the junction of the old
road and the Burma railway.
Japanese radios cautioned Cantonese not to get so excited about rumors of an impending Allied invasion of the south China coast and babbled about a forthcoming Nipponese offensive in which isolated
Japanese island garrisons and the disappearing imperial navy would play major roles.
"Anything Can Happen."
Anything can happen in the Pacific now, cautioned Vice Admiral Marc A. Mitscher. Commander of fast U. S. carrier forces which have sailed unchallenged through Japanese waters.

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