Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 5, 1945; Filiponos Rout Enemy on Luzon:


Charleston, West Virginia, Monday Morning. March 5, 1945.
Report Claims 9th
Is Moving Up Huge
New Assault Force
Famed Adolph Hitler Superhighway Bridge
Destroyed by Foe—Only One Span Still
Intact Over Great Water Obstacle
PARIS, March 4.—<•>!—
The 1st Army drove within two miles of the Rhineland capital of Cologne today as the Germans claimed they smashed a full-scale assault by 9th Army tanks and Infantry trying to plant a bridgehead on the Rhine's east bank near Duesseldorf and Kreld.
Berlin broadcasts, without any Allied confirmation, told of
tanks attempting to cross'the Rhine on Duesseldorf's "south
bridge"—previously blown up—and In the area of Krefeld, where
early today the Germans destroyed the famed Adolf Hitler superhighway
bridge at Uerdlngen.
A German Transocean broadcast broad cast shortly before midnight said the
Americans were bringing up several divisions "in great haste" In an effort to force the bridgehead from a bend opposite Duesseldorf.
Patrols Cross Stream
Associated Press Correspondent patrols last night got across the Rhine over the 1.400-foat bridge, end then returned shortly before the enemy touched off thousands of tons of dynamite and blasted the structure into the Rhine. This could
be the source of the German Krefeld reports.
Another German broadcast ' asserted U. S. forces northwest of Dusseldorf were "hastily bringing up rubber boats to the front- under cover of thick smoke screens." And "this seems to indicate they Intend to cross the Rhine, as speedily as possible."

Nazis May Quit
If Rhine River
Line Collapses
By Edward Kennedy
AEF. Paris. March 4.—Ml—
The character of German resistance to the swift-attack of Allied armies tonight showed plainly the enemy had given up territory west of the Rhine as doomed, and the question was whether Gen. Eliesenhower's offensive had the momentum to carry across the river.
If the Allies can sweep over the great water barrier without delay, the end of the war In Europe may not be far off. If the German army can make a stand on the eastern flank of the Rhine, another full scale offensive undoubtedly will lave to be prepared, carrying the war into the summer.

Filipinos Rout
Big Jap Force
Three Yank Divisions
Push Luzon Foe Into Hills
MANILA. Monday. March 5— AP—
While three Yank divisions pushed steadily against Japanese troops in mountains northern Luzon. Filipino guerrilla have struck a heavy blow In the enemy's rear, clearing the Nipponese from Hocus Norte Provlncc. Gen. Douglas MncArthur
announced today.
The campaign to clean the Japanes off Luzon, principal island of the Philippines, also was implemented by the American division. Seizure Saturday of Ticao and Buris Islands In the Sibuyan sea.
The occupation of Ticao and Buris will result in the evacuation or restriction of the Nipponese on nearby Bicol peninsula of Luzon stand. Tilac Arthur said.
Possession of Bicol peninsula would give the Americans the key port of Leguspi, on the cast side. and additional air bases.

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