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Current Events August 30, 1943;

War In Brief
DENMAKK — Danes flee as Nazis set up military rule.
RUSSIA—Taganrog on Sea of Azov captured. Nazi lines in Donets imperiled.
MEDITERRANEAN — Railway center near Rome battered by Yank airmen.
PACIFIC—Arundel island off New Georgia and near Jap base of Vila occupied by U. S. forces.
SWEDEN—Tension grows as Germans reject Swedish protest over sinking of fishing boats.
BULGARIA—Anti-German feeling increases following death of king.
NEW YORK, Aug. 30 (INS).—The Italian capital of Rome has an hour-long morning, the reported.-
air raid alert the Budapest radio r
RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 30 (UP—Sinking of a German submarin by the Brazilian Air force was announced officially last night.      

             Russians Capture Tanagorag On Sea of Azov
              The Port Arthur News
                    PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS, MONDAY, AUGUST 30, 1943.
Military Rule
Is Instituted;
King Prisoner

Huge Fires Blaze In Copenhagen Harbor As
45 Naval Vessels Are Scuttled; Several
Ships Make Escape To Sweden

By John H. Colburn
STOCKHOLM, Aug. 30 (AP)—

Big fires blazed fiercely today among the scuttled hulks of, Denmark's naval vessels in Copenhagen harbor, and offshore Nazi patrol boats and planes shot at Danes fleeing a new German military dictatorship clamped upon the rebellious kingdom.
                                            REFUGEES STREAM INTO SWEDEN
Refugees streaming into Sweden said scores of persons drowned as the Nazi gunners sank many small motorboats, sailboats and fishing smacks in the Oeresund, the narrow stretch of water between Denmark and Sweden.
The Germans ignored the usual Copenhagen blackout during the night. -Street lights blazed  nightly as patrols In tanks and rmored cars toured the city enforcing the martial law decreed by the German military commander
who had interned the aged King Christian X in his castle and set up Nazi rule to replace that of the reigned
Danish government.

The fires in. the harbor area could be seen' from the Swedish coast; A series of deafening exploions set them off at dawn ycs-
LONDON, Aug. 30 (INS).— 
The German-controlled Oslo .radio announced today that King Christian
X of Denmark had "abdicated."The story was without confirmation
from other sources.

erday as Danish naval forces sent t.he greater part of their small navy to the bottom.
                                                     Climax To Disorders


New Soviet Advances
In Kharkov Area
Are Reported

LONDON, Aug. 30 (AP)
Premier Josef Stalin announced the capture of Taganrog, ...southern anchor of the 1500- mile Russian front, today in a special order of the day. The Germans earlier today admitted evacuation of the city.
                                                               Follows Fierce Battle

Stalin said the capture was the result of a fierce engagement in -which the Russians, routed the Germans. The Germans said the town was evacuated after, they had destroyed the town and harbor installations.
Capture of the southern flank of the Russian front indicated the Nazis' entire southern front positions were crumbling. Stalin, whose, order of the day was broadcast by the Moscow radio and recorded by the Associated Press, said the new victory was achieved as a result of a bold maneuver by Soviet cavalry and mechanized formations which broke through to the rear of the enemy troops.
                                                                  Stalino Threatened

British And American
Airmen Again Raid
Naples Area

By Reynolds Packard
North Africa, Aug. 30. (UP).—
American heavy bombers wrecked the Orte railroad junction 40 miles north of Rome yesterday in the third
straight day of attacks designed to smash the capital's communications with the rest of Italy, was revealed today.
Naples Area Pounded
While the B-17's concentrated on
Rome's railway arteries, U. S, medium bombers renewed their assault
on Torre Annuziata, coast railway center on the Bay of Naples south of. Mt. Vesuvius, yesterday and RAF night bombers follwed through with another raid last night.
American and British medium bombers and U. S. fighter-bombers raked the Italian toe with bombs and bullets, blasting gun positions in the Reggio Calabria-San Gioanni areas across Messina Strait from Sicily road and railway communications at Cosenza and rail yards at Lamezia with "good results." American A-36 bomber scored a direct bomb hit on the battrcd Angitola bridge.

A british cruiser and a destroyer joined in the bombardment of southern Italy by shelling a shore battery near Cape- Pellaro.
                                                         20 Planes Shot Down


•• NEW DELHI Aug. 30 UP).—
America.. ...... bombers droppED more than 19 tons of bombs on Japanese-occupied Myitkyjna
northern Burma yesterday whil RAF fighter patrols sank more
than 60 loaded Japanese sampans in the Irrawaddy and Hunters bay area, Allied communiques announced today.
In the American attack, a 10th U. S. Army Air force communique said, heavy destruction was caused
to an enemy-occupied building. At Kyaungin on the lower Irrawaddy the RAF raiders struck at railway
buildings which were set on fire. -All aircraft returned safely, the
"bulletin said.

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