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New York, N.Y.—London, England—France Thursday, Aug. 24, 1944
City Rid of Nazi Yoke
In 4 Days" Battling
By Army of Patriots
Swift 60-Mile Swoop Southeast of Capital
Captures Sens; U.S.-Allied Gains
Closing Pincers on Von Kluge
French patriots liberated Paris from the Germans yesterday, while
American armored forces struck far beyond the capital in an eastward
move which reached within 150 miles of the German border.
Northwest of Paris U.S. infantrymen and tank crews smashed through a
protective German screen and two Allied pincers, 'moving around to crush
the remnants of Von Kluge's battered forces in the corridor west of the
Seine River, were only 50 miles apart.
Officials of Vichy
Seized in Uprising
The liberation of Paris by French patriots—four years and 74 days after
German troops marched into the capital on June 14, 1940—was announced
in a special communique from Gen. DeGaulle's headquarters yesterday.
DeGaulle already has conferred with Gen. Eisenhower on the possible immediate
resumption of French civil administration, the Associated Press reported, adding, "and the liberation of the capital, lent emphasis to rumors that President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill might hold their next meeting there.
Paris was recaptured from the Germans by 50,000' troops of the French Forces of the Interior, aided by several hundred thousand unarmed patriots, after four
days of fighting.

A Faded Paris
Comes to Life
Despite Scars
 What is Paris like today ? Here is a picture based on French newspapers, neutral and axis reports, and information from French men and women who recently were their.

By John A. Parris Jr.
United Press Staff Correspondent
Paris, the light-hearted, glitteringly marcelled debutante of pre-war Europe, is a faded grande dame with scarred heart and champagne-drenched memories.
She's a little down on her luck and a little worn at the heels. Four years of
war have changed her face, stilled the laughter on her lips and taken the sparkle
from her eyes.
It's been a long time since she flounced her skirts and smiled coyly when the world whispered " Gay Paree." But last night she danced again, sang
again—and laughed.-
As 'the Americans and British and Canadians came closer she remembered the glittering parties in the days before the Germans came when the world came
to pay her court.
When they arrive they will find her head high, for she has been set free by her own people.

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