Friday, August 24, 2012

August 23, 1944; French Patriots Liberate Paris:


Triumphant Strains
Marseillaise Sound
Again to Victory
Paris-shook loose the shackles of four , years of enemy bondage Wednesday and stood free once more, liberated by armed and unarmed tens of "thousands
of Frenchmen who swept the Nazis from the city's 'streets, while American armed might drew up around the Capital.
A special communique from Gen. Charles de Gaulle's Headquarters in London, announced the liberation after four days of street fighting, that recalled scenes of Bastille "Day when the mobs of Paris once before struck an historic blow for liberty. When they arrive they will find her head high, for she has been set free by her own people.
This time, the communique said, the fight was- led, by 50,000 organized French forces of the Interior, bolstered by hundreds of thousands more who joined in with whatever weapons they could find.
                                "La Marseillaise" For Victory

Allies Drive Into
Grenoble 140 Miles
Of Mediterranean
Bitter Battle Said
Still Raging in
Encircled Toulon
American troops, of the Seventh Army, in a spectacular surprise thrust deep into
Southern France through German defenses, .have entered the large industrial
city, of Grenoble, 140 airline miles north, of the; Mediterranean Coast, it was, announced Wednesday.
A swift American armored and motorized Infantry column :plunged into the city, long a hotbed of the French patriot movement, with "French forces of the Interior,
playing an effective-support role," Allied Headquarters said.

Record 135 -Ton
Halmahera Bombing
Marks New Climax
Associated Press War Editor
The unceasing Pacific air offensive against Japan has achieved a new climax with a record 135-ton bombing of strategic Halmahera Island 300 miles south of the Philippines, General MacArthur announced Wednesday.
This strike was the latest and biggest of air blows steadily reducing 6,700-square-mile Halmahera as a barrier between MacArthur's New Guinea forces and the
'Philippines, which he aims to recapture. Liberators and cannon packing Mitchells went in unopposed to plaster its airfields, supply dumps and defenses, and to destroy eight parked planes and sink a freighter. .
The blow followed a 110-tonstrike announced Tuesday.
Elsewhere the Allied air offensive— currently bridging a lull between invasions — ranged from the Flores Sea 1,000 miles south of the Philippines to tiny Marcus Island 1,000 miles sutheast of Tokyo. MacArthur's planes hit Ceram, Davao, Vogelkop on Dutch New Guinea, Biak Island, Wewak, Paula, New Ireland, New Britain and Bougainville.

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