Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 19, 1944;


Battle for France Assumes
Proportions of Rout; Fall
of Paris Is Believed Near*
Doubt Expressed 'Whether Yon Kluge's Battered
Army Will Be Able to Make Stand on Seine;
German Officials Flee From Paris and Vichy
RLONDON,(AP) — A Reuters dispatch from Stockholm Saturday quoted the Berlin correspondent of Attonbladet as saying three American columns were
fighting their way through the Paris suburbs. There was no allied confirmation and the Aftonbladet correspondent said his report was unofficial.
WITH THE CANADIAN  1ST  ARMY, France, CT)—Canadian
army forces have captured a German divisional commander and his staff south of Trim and possibly have taken a second German general in the Normandy gap.
Germans were surrendering Saturday in batches of 30 and 40 to Polish troops moving south of Trun, 10 miles southeast of Falaise.

* * *
U. S. spearheads have reached the Siene at points 27 and 42 miles  northwest of Paris in a slashing offensive, Berlin said Saturday, which threatened to close off the retreat of fleeing Germans below the river and to cut off Paris from western France.

River Also Forced
Southeast of the
U.S. forces have crossed the Seine southeast of Paris, as well as northwest,
a. dispatch from Third Army Headquarters announced late last night. No
details were given immediately. Gen. Patton's patrols yesterday penetrated to Versailles, six miles from Paris, while other elements of his Third Army poured across the Seine River to complete what the Germans admitted to be a "far-flung encirclement" of their troops.
At the same time, Gen. Sir Bernard L. Montgomery, in a special message to his
U.S. and Allied troops, declared that "the German armies in northwest France have suffered a decisive defeat" and that the Allied victory there "has been definite, complete and decisive.

Entry Comes After Fleet
Shells Base; Allies 7 Mi.
From Marseilles
French troops entered the northern and western sections of the French naval base city of Toulon yesterday, while other forward elements of the Seventh Army reached points only nine miles from Marseilles.
Allied headquarters announced the gains last night as fast-moving American
columns ' sweeping around partially encircled
Toulon moved to within 30 miles of Avignon, gateway into the Rhone Valley route to northern France

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