Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August 7, 1944; Counter attack in France:

Kingsport, Tenn., Monday, August 7, 1944
Enemy Launches Largest
Counterattack In France
Since Beginning Of Invasion
By Gladwin Hill
Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force —AP —
American troops, wheeling toward the east from overwhelmed B r i t t a n y ,
pressed on a 50-mile front today toward Paris, 135 miles away, and the Germans were reported moving some of their administrative offices from the threatened
French capital.
To the north, the British thrust a new Paris-pointed spearhead across the Orne on a two-mile front which threatened to sweep away the enemy hinge below Caen where the Germans' weeks-long stand already was mocked by the American
run around their dangling southern flank.

 * * *
With the U. S. First Army in France — (AP)
The Germans today launched their largest counterattack since the landings in France, using at least four armored divisions between Mortain and Sourdeval in a drive aimed at splitting the Normandy and Brittany
The attack, launched this morning, made penetrations up to a depth of three miles in the area of Cherencs la Rousse, but was being held and pounded by artillery and air forces.

Reds Pound
Nazi Wall
At Krakow
Moscow —/P—
Russian Army troops hammered with artillery and bombers today at the steel foundations of Germany's east wall based Krakow, Warsaw and the forested
border of East Prussia, encountering the toughest opposition in the 46-day summer offensive.
Toward the southern extremity of the 1,200-mile meandering front, the Russians captured the oil and communications center of Drohobycz, chasing the Germans in a bloody rout deep into the Carpathian Mountain approaches to the Czech-Slovak border. Red planes hounded the fleeing enemy remorselessly, after destroying six troop and oil trains at the Drohobycz station.
Resistance Stiffens

U. S. Carriers Strike Close
To Tokyo, Sink 11 Jap Ships
U. S. Pacific Fleet Headquarters, Pearl Harbor—AP—Striking within
600 miles of Tokyo, a fast American carrier task force has shelled the!
Bonin Islands for the first time in this war and, in a two-day attack
sank 11 Japanese vessels—Including five warships—and damaged
other surface craft.
The shelling leveled Omura, Japanese town on northwestern Chichi, key Island of the Bonin group. Carrier planes bombed Chichi, Haha Muko and Anne Islands In the Bonins, and Iwo in the Kazan group, 150 miles south.

Chinese Battle
Inside Japanese
Tengchunti Lines
Chungking –AP-
Chines troops were reported battling inside the defenses of the Japanese  stronghold of Tengchung in western Yunnan Province today after pouring
through breaches blasted in the city's ancient walls by U. S. Fourteenth
Air Force bombers.


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