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October 14, 1944;



Stream Out
to Allied Lines
Half of City Razed;
U. S. Troops March
Through Streets
AACHEN, Germany — (U.P)
—Thousands of terrified German civilians broke out of Aachen today and pawed Into the Allied lines. Half the imperial city has
been destroyed and our troops are advancing methodically through the streets, routing out the German garrison.
The civilian! of Aachen had had enough of the American bombing and shelling. Their faces distorted with fear, many of them weeping. Long lines
of men, women, and children began streaming out of the  city about 2:30 PM
By 4 more than 2,000 refugee had run the gauntlet of smoke and fire in the center section of Aachen to seek refute behind the American lines.
AEF, Paris — (U.P) —
American Doughboys slugged 'slowly but steadily with grenades and machine guns through the street barricades of Aachen today and by late morning had occupied a sizeable portion of the eastern half of the city..
Lieut. Col. Derrill M. Daniel of Geneva, N. Y., commander of the First army troops striking into Aachen proper from the east Friday, said the drive was proceeding satisfactorily but a complete mopup of the ancient city would require several days.
German armored forces were reported shifting south from Holland toward Aachen for an expected counter-offensive while
Lieut. Gen. Courtney H. Hodges’ troops began a new attempt to crack the half mile wide corridor into the city.

Allied Troops
Free Corfu

ROME —(U.P) —
Allied troops have liberated the island of Corfu, it was announced today, while Partisan forces on the Albanian mainland occupied Delvine, 7 miles inland from captured Sarande (Porto Edda).
The liberation of Corfu, a 277-square-mile Greek island in the Ionian sea of the Greek-Albanian border, was completed virtually without opposition after the bulk,, of the German garrison had fled to the mainland.
Headquarters revealed that British troops landed on the island after the inhabitants had put out white flags and crosses in response to instructions „ dropped'-.".. by ••' the RAF. The 'British found the town of Corfu deserted by the Germans and rounded up 60 stragglers in the northeastern corner of the island.
Delvine, a village on the Sarande-Ioannina highway, was occupied by the Partisans Wednesday after the German garrison had fled inland., In Sarande itself, which was captured several days ago, a delayed- action mine sowed by the departing Germans touched off an enormous the center
of the town, but headquarters said there were no casualties.
On the Greek front, Partisan troops were reported in control of Athens, awaiting the arrival of a British expeditionary force dispatched to the city.
Unconfirmed Turkish reports said British, Greek and Polish prisoners of war who were being held by the Germans in Athens revolted when the Partisans entered the capital and helped oust the German garrison

'Large Force'   
Hits Japanese
Super-Forts Repulsed,
Tokyo Says; Enemy
Ship, Plane Toll
A large task force of B-29 Super-Fortresses made a "successful" attack on the vital Japanese repair base and supply depot at Okayama on Formosa,
which is considered the most important air target south of Japan proper," the war department announced today.
American B-29 Super-Fortresses, joining the all-out offensive to knock out defenses protecting the invasion - m a r k e d Philippines, blasted burning Formosa today on the heels of carrier planes which destroyed or damaged 227 enemy ships and 530 planes in four days of raids on Japan's inner bases.
(A Japanese official announcement issued at 5 p. m. .today Tokyo, time (3 a. m. CWT) said the aerial battle of Formosa was continuing with the Japanese air force."still", attacking the enemy task force in the waters east of Formosa."
The communique, recorded by United Press at San Francisco, said three aircraft carriers, three unidentified warships, and one destroyer of the task force were sunk.
(A Japanese communique said the Super-Fortress raid was carried out by "about 100 B-29s" and followed two new attacks earlier today by 450 carried-based planes.

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