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Charleston, West Virginia, Saturday Morning, October 28, 10, 1944.

 14,045 of 'Death March' Japanese
     Wiped Out by Americans on Leyte;
         British 2d Army Topples Tilburg
Capital of Samar
Captured by Yanks
First Week of Campaign
Costs 518 U.S. Lives
Oct. 28.— (Saturday)—
Gen; Douglas MacArthur's mud-caked. Yanks have gained control of Samar Island adjacent to Leyte, and have "completely defeated the 16th Japanese division responsible for its' infamous “March of Death" on Bataan.
MacArthur announced in his communique today that 14,045 Japanese soldiers—half of the enemy force on Leyte—have been killed or wounded in the week of fighting since MacArthur led American troops back to liberate the 'Philippines.
The 16th division, which Gen; MacArthur said he was particularly anxious to meet, is in retreat from the east coast of Leyte-and-is completely disorganized.
American casualties .were 518 killed, 139 missing and 1,503 wounded.
Gen. MacArthur's communique announcing his full revenge against the 16th division troops of tLt. Gen. Shiro Mackino on Leyte gave the picture of the Samar situation:
Next to Luzon
"With the aid of organized local guerrillas, practically the entire island of Samar is now under our domination and civil government will shortly be organized for the entire province.”
Elements of the American 1st cavalry smashed forward ten miles on the northern end of Leyte and captured their objective, Balud Barugo, on Carigara bay. Other elements of the same organization captured Samar's capital, Catbalogan, and advanced nine miles beyond to the northward. Samar is the third largest of the Philippine islands and closest to Luzon, on which Manila is situated.
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King Says Half Jap Navy
Knocked Out by U. S. Meet
NEW YORK, Oct. 27.—(INS)—Adm. Ernest J. King revealed tonight
that half the Japanese fleet had been knocked out, but he warned the nation not to expect final Japanese defeat until the Allies are able to throw their full might into the Pacific war.

Red Tie Tight,
Churchill Says
Arrangements With Stalin
- Pleases Prime Minister
LONDON, Oct. 27.—(AP)—
Prime Minister Churchill said today that the results of his recent Moscow conferences with Premier Stalin were "highly satisfactory," but declared that "all permanent arrangements await the presence of the  United States" and he called for another three-power meeting before the end of the year.
Churchill conceded that the "urgent and burning" question of Poland was still unsolved—although "certainly not for want of trying"—and he said he hoped the London Poles would return to Moscow soon and that protracted negotiations would be avoided. Churchill said that agreements reached were "workaday arrangements" which "must be looked upon 1 as temporary expedients to meet an emergency."

81,000 Germans
Face Entrapment
Tanks Cut Path Through
German Defenses
LONDON, Oct. 27—(AP)
British troops driving to trap the German 15th army in the watery lowlands of southwestern Holland have captured Tilburg, German keystone bastion on the
west flank of the Allied Dutch salient, a field dispatch reported tonight.
Except for a few snipers, this rail and road center of 81,000 population was in British hands. Associated Press Correspondent Roger D. Greene reported. Cheering throngs greeted the Tommies as they marched through the streets and tonight the city was staging a wild celebration of its liberation.
Nazis Evacuate City
The German garrison had pulled out shortly before noon under the terrific pressure of the great British offensive.

Russians Lift
Hitler's Yoke
From Ruthenia
Soviets Capture Ungvar;
Tito's Partisans Help
To Seize Novi Sad
LONDON, Oct. 28—(Saturday) _(AP)—
A powerful Russian mountain army virtually completed the conquest of Hungarian-annexed Ruthenia in eastern Czechoslovakia y e s t e r  d a y  by capturing Ungvar in a 15-mile advance, and also penetrated six miles into neighboring Slovakia.
In German East Prussia, where the Nazis were putting up one of the most savage defenses of the entire war, a Moscow communique announced the seizure of three more villages in two-mile gains in the Ebenrode area.
A midnight Soviet bulletin said the Russians, beating off numerous counter-attacks by large German infantry and armor, killed 3,000 Germans, making a two-day total of 5,800. Ninety-five enemy tanks. 11 armored carriers and 100 enemy trucks were wrecked or 'burned, it said.
In Yugoslavia other Soviet forces aided by Marshal Tito's Partisans captured Novi Sad. Yugoslavia's 7th city of 64,000 on the north bank of the Danube 42 miles northwest of fallen Belgrade.

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