Friday, October 19, 2012

October 19, 1944:Philippines Invadeed:


No Confirmation
Of Japan's Claim
By U. S. Officials
(By the Associated Press)
American expeditionary forces are invading the Philippines^ Tokyo radio reported today, striking at the very center of that vulnerable eastern flank of the archipelago. Domei news agency said flatly that United States forces have begun their "reinvasion of the Philippines", supported by powerful units of the Pacific fleet and China-based aircraft.


PHILIPPINE INVASION — Above map shows Leyte gulf which Tokyo
reports has been invaded by U.S. warshipa and transports, Leyte
gulf is just north of Mindanao and within range of the entire Philippines.
The action, which might beonly a preliminary to later large
scale invasion, has not jet been confirmed by U. S. sources.
Sea forces, Domei said, included "the naval fleet under the command of Gen. Douglas MacArthur." An official Japanese communique said "the enemy fleet" accompanied transports into spacious Leyte gulf Tuesday {Manila time) and for the( last two days naval guns and carrier aircraft have been bombarding;
shore defenses. Landing on Suluan
"Part of the enemy forces seem to have landed on Suluan island" at the entrance to the gulf, Domie news agency said.
Domei asserted Vice Adm. Martf A. Mitscher's powerful task force 58—the carrier arm of the Pacific fleet—was 'not participating in the invasion because of asserted losses suffered off Formosa. These have
been denied by Adm. Chester W. Nimitz.
Since the Formosa battle, Domie! broadcast, the enemy has organized a new large task force, grouping together the Fifth fleet under Vice Adm. Raymond Spruance, which did not participate in the air battle off Taiwan (Formosa), and the naval fleet under the command of Gen. Douglas MacArthur, as well
as other naval forces in the Pacific, excluding the 58th task forces."
"Our army and navy forces in this sector," Domei added, "are confronting the enemy forces with undaunted
No U. S. Confirmation
These broadcasts, recorded federal ,, communications’ commission, were the only reports that Gen MacArthur had taken the most crucial step to fulfill his pledge, made two and a half years ago, to return to the Philippines.
While there was no confirmation that the Philippine invasion was at last underway, the combined Pacificsea forces of Adm. Nimitz and land based air strength of General Mac- Arthur have been paving the way for reconquest of the territory in ten days of unprecedented raids on western Pacific islands for a thousand miles either side of the Philippines.

British Push
Nazis Back in
Dutch Sector
British Tommies and American armor rocked the Germans back toward Venio on the Maas (Meuse) from the Holland salient today in what appeared to be
the preliminaries to an offensive aimed at breaking organized German resistance before Christmas.
West of Antwerp in Holland Canadian forces were less than two miles from the German guns at Breskens commanding the sea entrance to the port from the pocket south of Schelde. In Aachen U. S. First army troops, again smashing German tank and infantry counter attacks northeast of the Siegfried line city,
held about half the wrecked city and smashed on into the northwestern quarter where fighters and fighter bombers pinpointed strongpoints ahead of the bazooka and grenade squads.

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