Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 14, 1940;NINETEENTH WEEK OF WAR:


War Progress
Day by Day
For 19th Week

Finns Smash
Russ Drive;
Sea War Grows

By Associated Press
Finns rout soviet ski detachment near Salla, killing 300, as bitterest January in years, with temperatures 40 degrees below zero, stalls Russian offensive on all fronts; British press demands explanation of War Secretary Hore-Belisha's dismissal and parliament members propose secret session to discuss issue; Hungarian and Italian foreign ministers conclude conference on joint policies in Balkans; U. S. liner Manhattan released by British contraband control authorities at Gibraltar. .
Italian and Hungarian ministers reported to have agreed on defensive alliance assuring Hungary of Italian support in event of attack by Russia; Finns destroy 44th Russian division near Suomussalmi, capture much- war booty; Finnish premier asks foreign credit to buy war supplies; Winston Churchill, first lord of admiralty, visits British headquarters in France; British government promises Hore-Belisha's army reforms will endure; England rations butter, bacon, ham and sugar; localized patrol skirmishes on western front.
Premier Chamberlain warns British-people "grimmer phase" of war lies ahead, foresees peacetime federation of European nations bsed on French-British collaboration; German planes attack more than a dozen ships off English coast, wounding 35 men and sinking one British vessel; French chamber expels four communist deputies who refuse to stand during tribute to army, fist fights break out on floor; Finland reports lull on all fronts.
British planes raid Sylt and important Helgoland anchorage, engage in North sea battle with German aircraft; Finns report Russians driven back across border at four points; Rumania Indicates readiness to settle long standing differences with Hungary, but balks at territorial cession; clearing weather brings aerial clashes on western front, with patrol skirmishes on northern flank.
German planes conduct scouting flights along English coast; mines sink British tanker El Oso off west coast and Italian steamer Traviata off east coast of England; localized activity on Finnish war front; Japanese navy and press attack proposed American naval expansion and military development of Guam, speculate on American-Japanese naval race.
Russian fliers bomb southern Finnish cities, disrupt Helsinki's outside telephone communication, silence Lahti radio station; Russians seek to drive southward from arctic after eastern front reverses but Finns expect cold to check them; British airmen report dropping bombs on Sylt, gain "useful information" on flights into Germany; German scouting planes repelled from .English coast; King Carol tells ministers of secret conference with Regent Prince Paul of Jugoslavia.
British plan fly over Austria and Bohemia, drop propaganda leaflets in war's "greatest survey flight," German raiders scout Britain again; Russians and gird for major battle in Arctic circle;
Russian planes bomb Helsinki in worst air raid since early December, bombs fall near United States legation in Grankulla, Helsinki suburb, • three dead in Helsinki;
Russian army communique attacks foreign press reports of war, declared "animal fear" of "military bloc between Germany and U. S. S. R." caused foreign report that Germans were reorganizing red army, denounces report as "lie."

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