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World military leadess are discussing the possibility that Scandinavia
                         may be turned Into the battleground for the rest of Europe.
Its occupation by either Germany or England would oHer important
strategic advantages to break the stalemate on the western front
The heavy arrows Indicate the possible war paths of war

London, Jan. 8—Forty-seven million Britons Including King George and Queen Elizabeth went on war time rations today as regards butter, sugar, ham and bacon.

Government control will be imposed on the purchase, slaughter and distribution of meat next week as a preliminary to meat rationing probably this month. Under the war time ration plan which became effective at midnight each person in Great Britain may buy four ounces of butter, 12 ounces of sugar and four ounces of bacon and ham a week.

King George and Queen Elizabeth will use "travelers'- ration cards so that they can get their allowances at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle outside London, or Sandringham, their private estate In Norfolk. They are identical with the cards issued to traveling salesmen.

Rationing was the fourth momentous measure in Britain's mobilization as conservation of its man power and resources. The others were the national air raid blackout, evacuation of women and children from air raid target areas, and conscription.
The rationing was accepted with the humorous grumbling characteristic of the Briton. "It's 'itler," said the cockney.

United States Has Advised
League of Nations of Nation's
Willingness to Aid


Finns Believe Russian Forces
are Crushed for Time Being;
Aid is Reaching Finland,
No Doubt Helpful.

(United Press Foreign News Editor)
Finns claimed perhaps the greatest victory of the war against the Red Army today as the Scandanavian and Balkan states strengthened their front against bolshevism and the United States advised the League of Nations of its willingness to participate In aid to Finland.

The American action was a formality in reply to the league's decision to organize assistance to the Finns m a result of the condemnation ol Russia as an aggressor and the expulsion of the Soviet Union from Geneva. Most other American governments already had given similar assurance.

For the time being the Finns continued to hold their own—and more—on the fighting fronts, where it appeared obvious that outside help, to eluding airplanes beginning to-, play an important part - in the battle against the Red Army.

A major victory was claimed by the Finns on the central front near Suomusalml, where they said they had smashed the 44th Red Army division and that the Russians were pushed back to their own frontier. The central front is one of the most Important in Finland. Other reports were  that the important Murmansk railroad had been dynamited again by the Finns.

The reported Finnish triumph at Suomussalml was considered particularly important because It was at the narrow "waist" of Finland where The Russians had made their most determined attempts to cut Finland in two and reach the Gulf of Bothnia. -



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