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Copenhagen, Jan. 19.—(AP)—
Denmark struck out today with a firm declaration adopted by a unanimous vote of the lower house of parliament that her neutrality "must be maintained" and her independence defended.

The declaration was echoed in Norway, where Prime Minister Johan Hygaardsrold told parliament that any attack upon the nation would be met with resistance.

Hygaardsvold did not expand his statement, but he asserted that "the question of an all-party government as proposed by the left and the peazant party might be discussed when Norway has one task to do."

Observers Interpreted this as meaning the time for each discussion would be ripe when and if Norway had to defend herself.

In neighboring Sweden, meanwhile, Stockholm authorities announced a new program or air raid defense, including trenches in parks and additional shelters.
To Correct Ideas
Framed by the six largest political parties. The Danish declaration was designed partly to correct impressions  abroad that Denmark, because of limited armaments, would not resist an attack.


Retreat Harassed
Seasoned Fliers From
Sweden Cause Reds
Much Grief

Helsinki, Jan. 19.—(AP)—Seasoned Swedish volunteer pilots inincreasing numbers tonight aided the Finns in harassing artic retreat of 40,000 Soviet troops, fighting back step by step toward their border in the sadly cold of the Arctic circle.

These blue-eyed airmen were pitted against swarms of Soviet lines which, official Finnish sources say, have reached a total of 450 in one day. Waves of Russian bombs have struck repeatedly at both northern and southern Finland for several days. Today, Helsinki's people spent an hour in air-raid shelters while antiaircraft batteries fought the raiders.
Take Toll
The Finns announced tonight that Swedish filers were taking a toll of Soviet troops. From Rova-mi, important west Finland Junction the railroad which the Soviet rules had hoped to reach from the Salla sector, Thomas F. Hawkins, Associated Press war correspondent. said the Swedish filers were active engagements both in the Salla and north of Lake Ladoga.

Swedish volunteer land fighters, he said. also were pouring into the fighting on the northern fronts.

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