Wednesday, January 22, 2014



Three British and Three Neutral Vessels Added to
Heavy Toll as Germans Strike Anew in Sea Warfare—
118 Officers and Men Saved From Destroyed
Warship—Disastrous Week-End is Sad
Sequel to Churchill's Statement "Things Going Well

LONDON, Jan. 22.—(AP)—Four British ships, one of them a sleek destroyer, were sent to the bottom in a wave of weekend shipping losses.

Three neutral victims also added to the heavy toll of men and ships, especially in icy waters around the British Isles, which some sources blamed on a sharp increase in mines.

Sinking of the destroyer Grenville, 1,485-ton flotilla leader, "by a mine or torpedo" was announced by the Admiralty yesterday. She was the fourth British destroyer sunk in nearly five months of war and Britain's 21st acknowledged loss to her fleet. When she sank was not disclosed.
Italian Steamer Bursts Into Flames Following Explosion
Off Coast Of France—Rescues Effected
By Other Ships—Those Reaching Port Tell Of
Harrowing Scenes As Flames Raged—All But
Two of Victim's Life Boats Destroyed
MARSEILLE, France, Jan. 22.—(AP)—Italian officials announced late this afternoon that all of the 412 passengers aboard the burned Italian motorship Orazio had been rescued despite heavy-seas and speed with which fire ravaged the vessel.
Local agents of the Italian Line, owners: of the vessel, said, that "only a few" members of the crew of 231 still were missing after a new check-up of survivors taken aboard half a dozen rescue ships.
GENOA, Italy, Jan. 22.— -(AP)— Italian officials announced today that 104 persons, including 40 passengers, were missing in the burning of the 11,669-ton Italian motorship Orazio in the Mediterranean off the French' coast yesterday.
Of the 643 passengers arid crew members aboard when 'the liner left Genoa Saturday, a total of' 539 were known to have been rescued by noon (6:00 a. m. eastern standard time) officials stated.
Those rescued were picked up by half a dozen vessels, and authorities said that possibly' some others also had been saved but not reported :by their rescue vessels.' Seaplanes flew over stormy seas all day today-looking for survivors.
Finns Shoot Down 11 Raiders;
Russians May Cross
Frozen Lake to
Strike Anew
HELSINKI Jan. 22.—(AP)
—Hundreds of Russians had been killed, the high command reported today in each of a number of futile attempts to crack-Finnish resistance on the Karelian Isthmus and the eastern front.
On the Karelian Isthmus, where the Finns have reported almost dally attacks, the army said the invaders sought to give. effect to their drives by loudspeaker exhortations that the Finns surrender under the threat that the Germans .were coming to help their foe.
Reviewing developments in this conflict- yesterday, the high command reported in its regular evening communique.

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