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September 1, 1944;


Long Beach . California. Friday. September 1. 1944

1NS Staff Correspondent
SUPREME HEADQUARTERS. Allied Expeditionary Forces.Sept. 1,—(Friday)—
The battle to liberate Belgium was under; way early today after United States First army lore**, driving across the Mouse river, reached that nation's frontier zone, stormed into Sedan, where the nazis cracked the Maginot line  in 1940, and swept on to pierce the Ardennes forest gateway leading to Germany.
Meanwhile, Lieutenant General Patton’s Patton's United States Third army spearheads stabbed Into the battle historic Argonnc forest, out of Reims and 65 miles from he Reich, and farther to the north British forces captured Amiens and raced across the Somme river, virtually immobilizing the Pas de Calais robot bomb bases.
In magnificently coordinated drives, the Yanks broke completely  through the last German defenses six miles from the Belgian border, turning a nazl retreat Into a rout, and swiftly engulfing the frontier towns of Sedan, Charleville' and Mizieres.
A frontline dispatch from INS correspondent Clark Lee stated that the Yank First army was pounding swiftly Into the (Adenese ??) forest region with the
nazis fleeing In wild disorder.

Robot Bases Fail
As Raids Continue
By Howard Berry
INS Staff Correspondet
Allied Expeditionary Force, Aug. 31,
Robot bombs raids against southern England continued through the day and the night.
In a communique broadcast from Berlin, the allies attacked with "strong" support from aircraft, artillery and even warships. The nazi conceded that
the British Eighth army had mange to penetrate their line a  the Germans appeared to be making frantic efforts to inflict as much damage as possible before  the swiftly advancing allied armies render It ineffective.

Allied Troops
Take Adriatic Port
INS Staff Correspondent
ROME. Sept. 1. — (Friday) —
British Eighth army troops. Having driven the Germans from the Gothic line's eastern anchor out post at Tesaro. Inlateral today a the nazi’s powerful defense system of the Fogia river.
Pesaro. resort port on the Adriatic. fell to Polish units of the Eighth army while other allied troops were wresting the Appenine town of Urbino from the enemy. 

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