Thursday, September 20, 2012

Septemer 20, 1944; ROBOTS KILL EVACUEES:


Wednesday, Sept. 20,1944

SHAEF, Sept. 19 (AP)—
Gen. Brereton's First Allied Airborne Army today poured reinforcements and supplies for the third consecutive day into the hard-swung Holland haymaker which knocked out the lower Rhine as a German defense line and threatened to roll up Von Rundstedt's flank for the second time.
British armor which broke through the Dutch border to Eindhoven for a linkup with the southernmost airborne landing area was declared in battlefield
reports tonight to have captured Eindhoven itself and bludgeoned its way at least 12 miles north of the town. That would put the ground army 23 miles inside Holland—half the way to Nijmegen and Arr.hem, Where the northern landing forces blocked out Nazi reserves, virtually cut oil; Rotterdam, The
Hague and Amsterdam, and more than held their own in the fight for the key roads and 'bridges on both sides of the Rhine.
"CA Reuter dispatch from the British Second Army front said that Gen. Dempsey's troops were three miles south of Nijmegen and five miles from the German frontier and that British armor advanced 37 miles during the day.)
Rest of Front Stiffens
That turning of the Rhine flank took on increasing importance as sopping rains and fanatical counter-attacks by the Germans—their backs to the Rhine from
Cologne to the Belfon Gap—temporarily slowed, although they failed anywhere to stop, the eastward onslaught of three American armies.

Moscow Breaks Silence
To Announce Capture
After 5 Days

After five days of no-quarter tank battles on the Baltic front, the Red Army reaped its first reward last night with the capture of the important rail junction of Volga on the border between Estonia and Latvia— where all major lines from Estonia bottleneck on their way south.
Marshal Stalin's announcement of the town's seizure was Moscow's first official acknowledgement of the offensive which the Germans reported was launched last Friday on a great arc stretching from south of Riga to the area of Lake Peipus,
170 miles to the northeast, Soviet front line dispatches reported the Germans had thrown an entire regrouped panzer army into the fighting 25 miles south of Riga.
No significant changes were reported in other sectors, except for German reports that the Russians sent troops across the Vistula north of Warsaw where,
according to German News Agency, they were later wiped out.
Finns Accept Terms
On the politico-diplomatic stage, there were developments at both ends of the eastern front. Stockholm heard apparently reliable reports that -the Finnish Parliament had approved armistice terms with Russia, and in Moscow a communique announced the arrest of the former Rumanian dictator. Marshal Ion
Antonescu, and chiefs of various German missions.

Robots kill Evacuees
Who Thought lt Safe
To Return to Homes
Evacuees who had returned from safe areas to southern England, and people who had left air raid shelters to sleep at home again, were among at least 26 persons killed or seriously injured when flying bombs fell in southern England and the London area early yesterday.
The robot bombs may have been discharged over the North Sea from airplanes based either at some point in Norway, on the Isle of Sylt, or even inside Germany.

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