Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 13, 1944;


Patton Forces Makes 8 Miles Under Fire
MOSELLE VALLEY, France, Sept. 13.—(AP)—
Lt. Gen. Geo.  Patton's armored spearheads crossing the Moselle in force, advanced 20 miles in two hours under fire today, flushing Germans from the woods into a rain of explosives from waiting American battle planes, and outflanking the Nazi river defense bastion of Pont-A-Mousson.

Lomza Falls In Poland, Stalin States
LONDON, Sept. 13—(AP)—
 Marshal Stalin announced tonight the capture of Lomza, 20 miles south of East Prussia and one of the strongest German position in north Poland.

Doughboys Capture, Rotgen In Germany
LONDON, Sept. 13.—(/P)—
American doughboys invading Germany have captured Rotgen, nine miles southeast of the strong hold of Aachen, and stormed today against pillboxes and anti-tank obstacles of the Siegfrield Line beyond the town.

Foreign Workers In Germany Advised
FORCE, Sept. 13—(AP)
A spokesman for Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower told foreign workers in northwest, west and southwest Germany today to flee the Gestapo's manhunt for soldiers and trench diggers and to "leave the factories


|This Reported By Nazi Radio
As New Enforcements Roll!
To Two Invasion Armies
LONDON, Sept. 13.—(UP)—
The German radio said to-,tonight that the "Americans have captured an outpost of the “West Wall," but did not specify where the Siegfried Line
had been dented.

LONDON, Sept. 13.—(AP)—
Powerful American reinforcements rolled today into double invasions of Germany carrying within 37 miles of the Rhine, while two or more other U. S. columns beat to or near the frontier of the,Reich's war-gouged "holy soil."
Supreme Headquarters imposed security silence on the two lunges of the U. S. First Army which cracked across the Nazi border from Luxembourg to northwest of Trier, and from Belgium east of Eupen. But fresh forces were being poured into these thrusts 65 miles apart.
Other First Army forces struck 15 miles beyond Bastogne into the northern tip of Luxembourg reaching near Clervaux, three miles from Germany. This was
the biggest disclosed gain of the day.

Philippine Attack Due On
Heels Of FDR-Churchill Talk
QUEBEC, Sept. 13.—(UP)—
An Allied onslaught on the Philippines before the last echoes of this Roosevelt-Churchill victory conference die away seemed possible today as
the British and American commands discussed the shortest route to global victory.
In President Roosevelt's map room on the second floor on the Governor General's residence on the moated citadel, the European battle lines as well as those
of more fluid naval attacks spearing toward Tokyo are carefully charted statements, the gold-braid conference of staff officers in the 800-room Chateau Frontenac is.-. nailed to the Pacific war and- Britain's determination to help., blot out Japanese aggression’

Isles Guarding The
Philippines Hit
(By The Associated Press)
The 16-inch guns of American battleships have joined in bombardment of pre-invasion intensity being poured on Japanese held islands guarding the southern
approaches to the Philippines.
New blows reported by the converging forces of Adm. Chester W. Nimitz and Gen. Douglas MacArthur hit coastal defenses of half a dozen islands within
600 miles of the Philippines, keeping the Japanese guessing as to where assault troops will strike. Tokyo radio has repeatedly warned in recent weeks of
an impending invasion in the of southern | area. '
Battleships opened up their big guns on the Palau Islands for the first time Monday (U.S. Time) as carrier planes struck at shore batteries and coastal defenses for the fifth time within a week.

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