Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January 11, 1945: Army casualities to date; 564,351:


Kingsport, Tenn., Thursday, January 11, 1945
Americans Stretch
Beach head Over 22
Miles Lingayen Gull

Gen. MacArthur’s Headquarters, Luzon —AP— Manila-bound American infantrymen stretched their beachhead over 22 miles of Lingayen Gulf and drove inland from four key towns today toward impending major battles with Japanese reinforcements struggling north over bomb-cut roads.
Only damaging .opposition came at sea where night-attacking Japanese planes and torpedo boats hit several ships in a convoy bringing up Fourteenth Corps reinforcements.
On land, the Yanks seized 20 towns and villages, captured Lingayen airfield and pushed their advanced spearheads to a little more than 100 miles north of Manila. Nowhere was serious resistance reinstallations
Overrun Towns
Thursday's communique announced the Doughboys overran the towns of San Fabien, Lingayen, Mangaldan and Dagupan in the first 24 hours and pressed inland for an average advance of four miles. Patrols were, well ahead of this, average penetrations .

Army Casualties
Now At 564,351
Washington—AP— Secretary of War Stimson disclosed today that
Army casualties have reached 564,351, exclusive of losses suffered
in the German counteroffensive launched Dec. 18 on the western front.
The Army's total coupled with the latest Navy figure of 82,029
pushed overall casualties to 646,380 since Pearl Harbor, an increase
of 8.241 since last week's report. Of the Increase, the Army casualties accounted for 7,999 and the Navy for 242.
Stimson said his report covered the figures compiled in Washington through Dec. 29 but actually reflected casualties two or three weeks earlier. He said, however, that he expected to have next week a report on casualties from
the German counteroffensive.

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