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January 23, 1945; ST. VITH EVACUATED:


Tuesday Morning, January 23,1945
5c Copy; lOc Out of State. 16 Pages

Allied Planes
Trucks, Tanks
RIS, Jan. 22—(AP)—
The Belgian bulge collapsed in a German rout today and swarming Allied warplanes mocked out nearly 3,000 enemy vehicles and tanks—enough
to equip almost an entire enemy panzer army—in an aerial slaughter without equal in this war.
The U. S. Third Army, racing ahead up to five miles, found the Luxembourg half of the shattered Ardennes salient virtually deserted and resistance disorganized, and the enemy stand crumpled before the U. S. First Army in Belgium.
Pilots reported hardly any of the German columns fleeing  from the Ardennes made good their escape; earlier accounts had put the number of enemy vehicles
caught on the roads at about 3,000.
They reported 65 tanks and armored vehicles, 1,593 trucks and 635 railroad cars destroyed, and 62 tanks and armored vehicles and 1,179 trucks damaged. Hundreds of German troops were slain.

Nazis Seek
Miracle To
Stop Reds
LONDON, Jan. 22—(AP)—
Nazi leaders, calling on every German who could shoot to join in the defense of the reich. demanded selfsacrifice and fanaticsm to "work a miracle" and stop the Russian tide now within 165 miles of Berlin.
Germany's economic belt was tightened as fuel rations and public
services were cut. For the first time German home broadcasts conceded that Berlin itself was threatened by the Red army drive.

Hit Again
By Fleet
PEARL HARBOR, Jan. 22 (AP) —
Making the fifth strike of the month on Formosa and near-by small islands. Third Fleet carrier airmen last Saturday destroyed 140 Japanese warplanes and inflicted
heavy damage on enemy shipping and ground installations.
Adm. Chester W. Nimitz

Five U.S.
In Drive
Luzon, Jan. 23 — (Tuesday) — (AP)—
Fast-rolling American infantrymen, more than half way to Manila down the central
Luzon plain, captured Capas in an 11-mile gain from fallen Tarlac and were only 54 air miles from the Philippine capital at the deepest penetration, headquarters reported  today.
They were fast approaching Pampanga province, the gateway to Manila.
Bushmasters Fighting
Gen. Douglas MacArthur, announcing gains in all Luzon sector and the throwing back of ineffec live enemy counter measures, dis closed the makeup of his liberation forces on this main Philippine island. He announced: "Our ground forces comprise the (eye) Corps on the left, with the Sixth. 25th and 43rd Division
and the 158th Regimental Combat Team (Bushmasters), and the XIV Corps on the right, with the 37th and 40th Divisions."
The Americans at Capas were only 11 miles from big Clark Field, major airdrome of the Philippines. Adjacent is Fort Stotsenburg, important
military base.
Hold Half Of Plain
Exactly a fortnight after the invasion of Lingayen gulf the Amercans held the northern half of the central Luzon plain and were rolling southward almost as fast as trucks could travel.

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