Thursday, January 17, 2013



Capture of Krakow
Announced by Pole:
In Lublin Broadcast
The premier of the Lublin Polish government in a broadcast recorded by the FCC said today that Krakow has been captured.
Russian forces have broken through north of Warsaw and advanced 63 miles on a 25-mile front. Marshal Joseph Stalin announced tonight in a second order of the day.
 The battered Polish capital of Warsaw was captured today by Russian armies of Field Marshal Gregory K. Zhukov storming up into the ravaged city from two bridgeheads over the Vistula river from the south.
The city of 1,300,000 was the first European capital to fall to the Germans in this war.
It was the 16th to be liberated Marshal Stalin announced the momentous victory in a ringing order of the day.
A Berlin broadcast tonight admitted loss of Warsaw, saying it had been "evacuated."
While Warsaw was treed from the Germans for the first time in more than five years, other Russian armies were driving on other sections of the 600-mile battlefield from the Baltic to the Balkans.
Troops stormed into the defense works of Krakow, ancient capital of the Polish kings. Nearest Russian vanguards were 10 miles to the north. 15 Miles from Border.
German Silesia, a great coal and steel region vital to nazi ability to wage war, was within 27 miles of soviet vanguards in the breakthrough below Warsaw, said a Moscow dispatch. A Berlin broadcast said red army tank spearheads
had reached the eastern outskirts of Czestochowa, only 15 miles
from the German frontier.
Below Warsaw, the German bastion of Radom, 14th largest Polish city of 78,000 toppled yesterday and the Russians were reported far beyond.

U-Boat Works,
Oil Plants Hit
 Seven hundred U. S. heavy bombers battered oil plants and submarine works in the greater Hamburg area today a few hours after 1,200 RAF night bombers had struck three oil refineries and t h e industrial center of Magdeburg.
Some 350 fighters escorted t he U. S. Eighth Airforce Flying Fortresses and Librorators bombing the Rhenania oil refinery at Harburg, just south of Hamburg’s several oil installations and U-boat construction facilities in oft-bombed Hamburg itself.
Berlin Sirens Scream.
Other bombers struck at freight traffic at Paderborn and other transportation objections in northwestern Germany, an official announcement said.
Today's strike was another in concentrated American – British bombing strategy of breaking down Germany's oil supply.
The attacks touched off  air sirens in Berlin.

China-Based B-29s thrash Formosa;
Jap Counter-Attack on Luzon Repulsed
Upwards of 100 Super-Fortresses dealt fresh blows to Formosa today. The strike apparently was co-ordinated with carrier plane attacks against that island and the southeast coast of China.
Associated Press War Editor
Waves of China-based Super-forts bombed Formosa today in an explosive aftermath of a three -day carrier raid on the fortress-like island and 350 miles of the China coast in which more than 35 Japanese vessels were destroyed or crippled.
Single B-29s from Saipan, the Tokyo radio said, carried out night-time forays on industrial Nagoya, Kyoto and the Tokyo areas .
The slashing, carrier-paced air war stole the limelight from the U. S. 6th army’s invasion of Luzon island in t h e Philippines, where Yank troops repulsed the first
Japanese counter-attack on one flank while the other covered a third of the distance to Manila virtually unopposed.
49 Planes Destroyed
The full story has not yet been told of the newest strike by carrier-born planes of Admiral William F. Halsey's 3rd' fleet.
Partial reports listed at least 104,000 tons of shipping sunk or damaged in lightly opposed raids on Hong . Kong, Canton, Swatow, Amoy and Formosa's Takao naval base.
Additionally 49 planes, seven locomotives, ammunition dumps and docks were destroyed. Other installations were left in flames. Japanese planes made no attempt
to defend either Hong Kong or Canton.

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