Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 31, 1945;New Landing near Manila:


Helena, Montana Wednesday, January 31, 1945

German Reports Place Invaders Only 58 Miles
From Reich Capital; Advance Is Swift;
Prongs of Pincers Are Expected to Meet Soon
London, Jan. 31.—(AP)—
Marshal Gregory Zhukov's troops today captured Landsberg, 68 miles east of Berlin, Marshal 6' Stalin announced tonight, and Berlin broadcasts said the Red
 Army had plunged to towns only 58 and 62 miles from the  Reich capital.
Landsburg, great rail and road hub on the Berlin-Danzig rail line, was conquered along with the strong points of Meseritz  Schwiebus and Ztillichau to the southeast as Zhukov's forces broke through the German defense guarding Frankfurt on the Oder river 39 miles from Berlin.

Americans Pierce
Nazi Border
In 2 New Places
Artillery Is Starting
Pouring Shells
At Siegfried Line
Paris, Jan. 31.— (AP) — A whiteclad infantry of the American First army stormed across the snow-drifted German border at two new places today and Lt. Gen.
Courtney H. Hodges' artillery started pouring shells into the main concrete works of the thinly held Siegfried1 line.
All along the 35-mile assault front from below St. Vith to the Roer river northeast of Monschau the First and Third armies had a full scale assault under way with
gains which carried the First to the ramparts of the west wall and broadened the Third army's foothold inside Germany to five miles.

Americans Make
New Landing
On Luzon Coast
Strong Fleet Arrives Unopposed 60 Miles
From Manila; Eighth Army Units
Pour Ashore, Block Japs' Flight to Bataan
General Mac Arthur's Headquarters, Luzon, Jan. 31— (AP)—
Landing unopposed from 150 ships 60 miles northwest of Manila, strong U. S. Eighth army forces blasted any hopes the Japanese may have held for a large scale

withdrawal to Bataan by driving swiftly east today toward a juncture with the Sixth army which would seal off the historic peninsula.
This second invasion of Luzon, timed with a Sixth army push now within 30 miles of Manila, has disclosed in today's communique of Gen. Douglas Mac- Arthur. The 38th division and a combat team of the 24th, which fought so heroically on Leyte in the central Philippines, were put ashore Monday on Zambales province in the 10 miles between the Santo Tomas river mouth and San Antonio without loss of a man, plane or ship.

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