Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 27, 1945; Allies Take Over The entire Western Front:



Reds Roll Over Nazi Forces
as Allies Take Over Offensive
Along Entire Western Front
Soviets Bypass Poznan in Two-prong Drive
Carrying Them to the Brandenburg Border;
Allies Storming Into Siegfried Defenses

By James M. Long.
United Slates 3rd Army troops striking on a 20-mile front in Luxemburg and Belgium gained up to three miles Saturday and reached the Our river barrier to Germany.
The 3rd's roll up to the Our river frontier, wiping out last vestiges of the Ardennes bulge, came as the American fifth and British 2nd armies in the north consolidated their hold along the west bank of the Roer river inside Germany within 25 miles of Dusseldorf.
Allied troops held the initiative all along the winding western front and the Germans' offensive in Alsace had dwindled out.
American 90th division patrols reached the Our river at a point four and a half miles northeast of Clervnux in northern Luxemburg, a front dispatch said. They met no resistance. Troops of the 17lh air borne division punched forward three miles at a point seven miles below St. Vith.
They and three other divisions were inside or across the "skyline drive" highway running north of St. Vith on a 3,500-foot ridge overlooking the Our and the Germans' Siegfried line guarding, the reich. The 26th division drove around two and a half miles above Wiltz and the 80th and 5th divisions from half to one mile. The third army bagged 081 prisoners Friday.

B-29s Strike in
a Twin Assault
Tokyo and Indo-China
Hit by Superforts
Bv Leonard Millman
Associalcd Press War Editor.
Invasion of another island off the Burma coast kept the allied ground offensive moving against the Japanese Saturday as B-29s bombed war industries in Tokyo and Indo-China, and a thundering artillery duel around Clark field delayed the American drive toward Manila.
Troops of the 15th Indian corps swarmwd over the benches of Chedub island In the British amphibious push toward Rangoon and Singapore. In 30 days, five landings
have advanced the British 100 miles from Akyaba to Cheduba.
Raid From Two Bases.
Superforts swept out of two widely separated bases for their double strike Saturday. Some 70- B-29s from the Marianas Islands bombed industrial targets in Tokyo. Japanese broadcasts said they were over the capital for an hour in the early afternoon starting fires that weren't brought under control until dusk.

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