Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 10, 1939; BRAIN TRUST BOUNCED:



Five Principal Divisions Incorporated Under
New Reorganization Program; Early,
Comments On Former Title-Holders.

HYDE PARK, N. Y. , Sept. 9 (AP)—An executive order which was described officially as tossing such things as the  old 30-called “brain trust "out the window," President Roosevelt revamped his White House staff tonight to put it "in better shape to handle problems arising "in the time of national emergency" as well as those incident to normal government operations. The order set up five principal divisions: the White House office, the budget bureau, the national resources’ planning board, a liaison office for personnel management, and an office of government reports. . . ,

In addition, it provided "in the event of a national emergency, or threat of a national emergency,." for "such office for emergency management as the President shall determine."

In general, the order listed in detail the duties of White House officials in accordance with changes already made" in the set-up of the executive offices under a-plan for government reorganization. —-

Mr. Roosevelt said it was intended to establish systematic procedures "so that the flow of work will be speedy, smooth and effective." ,.

"Only after this has been accomplished," his statement said, "will the President have adequate machinery for the business-like handling of his Job."

With reference to the "brain trust," a group of Individuals like Thomas Corcoran and Benjamin Cohen, generally understood to be key advisers to the Chief Executive.

Poles Continue
To Hold Warsaw
Against Nazis

(By The Associated Press)
LONDON—British government announces decision to base policy on assumption that war with Germany will last at least three years; says navy has made blockade of Germany "now virtually complete except for the Baltic."

PARIS—German planes and heavy artillery launch first bill counter-attack against French on western front; French say advance continued "along entire front" despite resistance; about 200 square miles of German territory now in French hands.

BERLIN—Goering holds out peace offer to France; unofficial reports indicate Warsaw still holding out Saturday night; Hitler issues decree interpreted officially as reestablishing Germany's eastern frontiers as of 1914.

LWOW, Poland—Poland armies, fighting overwhelming odds, attempt to establish new defense lines along Vistula; invaders thrust swiftly at Warsaw from three directions.

BUDAPEST—Warsaw radio pleads with Warsaw citizens to resist invasion as troops fight on capital's outskirts; air raid warnings constant, indicating city taking heavy punishment.

OTTAWA—Senate unanimously supports Canadian government in its course toward "formal proclamation of a state of war'* between Canada and Germany; house of commons yet to act.

WASHINGTON —President Roosevelt reorganizes White House staff, abolishing "brain trust," to meet war problems; administration believes all necessary steps have been taken to protect American neutrality.

ROME—Italy's role in war still secret as press launches anti-British movement to split British-French front.

Warsaw Radio Says
Heavy Bombing^ In
Capital Resumed.

BUDAPEST, Sept. 9 (AP)—
A Warsaw radio broadcast tonight described the Polish capital as "drowned in the noise of roaring airplanes and the explosions of heavy  bombs," but still resisting German attacks on the outskirts of the city. The announcer said "high flames are leaping from the buildings against a jet black sky."

"Warsaw will die to the last man, woman and child." he declared, we will never surrender."

At 10.05 p. m. (4.05 p. m. EST) the Polish station at Lwow came on the air with an appeal to Polish women to fight side-by-side with the men against the Germans.

The heroic Polish woman are not only supplying soldiers with food, but In many places they have thrown hand grenades at the onrushing Germany's" the announcer said. "The German army which fights Poland will shrivel," the broadcast added.

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