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U. S. Proclaims
Its Neutrality
In Europe's War
Embargo on Arms
Will Be Imposed
Before Nightfall

WASHINGTON, Sept. 5.—(U.P.)
President Roosevelt proclaimed to the world that the United States is a neutral in the current conflict in Europe.

He then arranged a conference with his aides' to draft a second proclamation invoking provisions of the arms embargo. This action is mandatory under American neutrality statutes.

In the war between "Germany and France; Poland and the United Kingdom, India, Australia and New Zealand," the United States will take no sides, Mr. Roosevelt declared. Significantly, he made no mention of Canada which has not formally declared war on Germany.
17 Specific Prohibitions.
The proclamation, which Mr. Roosevelt issued with unprecedented speed, became effective when Secretary of State Cordell Hull countersigned the document and affixed the state department's seal.


Germans Claim
Seizure of Rich
Industrial City
More Ships Sent
To Bottom of Sea
By Warring Navies

(Refugee liner sunk—Sec Page 10) (See previous Blog “September 4, for details on sinking of the Athena.)

Indications that the Polish government is planning to evacuate Warsaw and make its headquarters in some other city were seen in heavily censored dispatches from the Polish capital.

The German armies reported that they had smashed their way into the rich Silesian industrial district, capturing the key city of Katowice, and had thrust downward from East Prussia on a front less than 50 miles north of Warsaw. Nazi planes continued regular bombardment of the Polish capital, where many fires were started by incendiary bombs.


Four U-Boats
In Caribbean Sea,
Mexico Reports

MEXICO CITY, Sept. 5.—(INS)—
Four German submarines- are still roaming the Caribbean in search of British shipping, it was learned at the Mexican ministry of communications. They are now believed to be hovering about the entrance to the Panama canal and off the Bahamas.

Latest tip on t h e whereabouts of the submarines came from them after of a steamer that docked at Panama Sunday. He reported the submarines had fueled at Curacao while his ship was there. He was precise and definite about the nationality and number of submersibles.

The German liner Columbus, anchored in the Bay of Vera Cruz, is suspected of being in wireless communication with the submarines.





This map shows the highspots of the European war as Britain undertook a naval blockade of
Germany, and first activity was reported on the western front. The places where the British liner
Athenia and the Greek steamer Kosti sank are shown—the latter reported to have gone down after
striking a mine. Reported disposition of German mines is indicated as is also the approximate position of the blockading British fleet. In Paris it was reported that a French land offensive was concentrated in the Belfort region where a valley runs between t h e Vosges mountains and the Alps into Germany's Black forest. Black arrows indicate course of German thrusts in Poland on t h e eastern front; outlines arrows the direction of Polish pushes, with Poles claiming the recapture of Gdynia suburbs.

This map gives the setting for the new battle ground along the
western front, as the French army was reported in a-doubleflanking
movement pushing through valleys at the two extremities
of the Franco-German horde.


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