Thursday, September 19, 2013

September 19, 1939; PEACE OR HORROR WAR / HITLER


Demands British Make
Peace on Nazi Terms
Germany Will Fight Six Years, Avers
Fuehrer—Hopes for "Lasting" Amity

LANGE MARKET PLACE, DANZIG, Sept. 19. (U. P.)—Germany wants to create "a lasting peace" and has no war aims against either France or England, Adolf Hitler said today in a "peace speech" made only 15 miles away from where guns still were thundering.

Making the first public pronouncement since his proclamation sent Nazi troops surging in Poland on September 1, the German chancellor said the Reich and Russia will create a situation which will "relieve" tension in eastern Europe.

"I want to restore mutual confidence," Hitler said. "I have no war aims against either France or England."

But while it seemed to offer peace, Hitler's speech also carried the threat of war of redoubled vigor and horror. He threatened, in effect, to loose the German air force against France and .Great Britain and he complained of Polish atrocities.

"I have ordered the German air force to be humane," Hitler said. "If the democratic countries want it differently, they may have it. In this respect, too, my patience is not unlimited.”


•Associated Press Leased Wire)
LONDON, Sept. 19. —The
British...government in an official statement –tonight charged that Hitler's Danzig, speech was "full of the crass misstatements which usually fall from his lips," and assert it convicted him before the world.

The communique reviewed at length statements made from time to time during the past year by Hitler and asserted "the tale of Herr Hitler's broken promises is so long that he can scarcely "expect Great, Britain to believe that German aspirations are- limited and that Germany has no further aspirations in the west."

It charged Hitler was determined on war and hoped to the last Great Britain would not fulfill her treaty obligations to Poland.

"It is surprising that a man in his responsible position," the ministry said, "should venture to convict himself so palpably out of his own mouth."


Up in the Corridor (top left of map), at Warsaw, Lwow and Pinsk,
Polish armies (indicated by dotted lines) stood off Germany's best
troops today while Hitler and Stalin divided their country. Line of
split is at right, extending down through Brest-Litovsk to Lwow and
the Rumanian border. A buffer state around Warsaw may be set
up. (Map drawn by California!! staff artist Fred Pond.)

British to Match French in
Front Lines; Nazis Repulsed

PARIS, Sept. 19. (U. P.)—French troops hurled back a German attack east of the Blies river, a war communique announced today
PARIS, Sept. 19. (U. P.)—Conference of Allied commanders in France tonight was understood to have discussed the placing of British and French troops "equitably" in the field against Germany.

The meeting was reported to have taken place as:

1. A French war communique announced German attacks had been repulsed east of the Biles river. Nazi warplanes took part in the fighting.

2. France and Britain were understood to be preparing ail unequivocal statement that they would fight until Hitlerism has

been destroyed. - This statement may be published tomorrow when Premier Edouard Daladier meets with the council of ministers and British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain addresses the House of Commons in London,

The allied commanders' conference was understood to have discussed placing of British troops chiefly in the French secondary Maginot Line along the Belgian frontier to meet any possible threat of invasion by way of Belgium.

Earlier both French nnd British unofficial sources had professed concern that Nazis might violate Belgian or Dutch neutrality, but the only reason advanced was reports of heavy Nazi concentrations near Belgium.

The British troops in France, it was understood, would be distributed to bear an equitable share of the western front fighting in comparison to the strength and preparations of the crack French army advancing into the Saar basin sectorof Germany.



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