Saturday, September 21, 2013



Views Section
As Dangerous
To Neutrality

Chief Executive Offers No
Hope That The Shadow Over
The World Might Swiftly Pass.'

Washington, Sept. 21.— (AP)—President Roosevelt asked congress today for repeal of the arms embargo provisions of the neutrality law because they are "most vitally dangerous to American neutrality, American security and American peace."

In a message delivered in person to an extraordinary session of the legislators, the chief executive said he could offer no hope that “the shadow over the world  might swiftly pass."

Troops Called
To Halt Coup;
War Blamed

Act Comes As Soviet Troops Approach Border of Country
In Their Occupation of Polish Nation.
Bucharest, Sept. 21.—(6 P. M.,—11 A. M., EST, Via
Copenhagen—(AP) — Premier Armand Calinescu was shot and killed today by men officially identified as iron guardists and troops were called up-at once to prevent a coup.

The assignation of Calinescu, known as Romania’s strong man" for his suppression of the outlawed, pro-Nazi iron guard organization — was attributed to conflicting national interests arising from the European war.

Warsaw May
Be Suffering
Worst Siege
Of Conflict
Radio Becomes Suddenly
Silent; Shells
Heard Bursting.

Budapest, Sept. 21—(AP)
—The Warsaw radio lapsed into sudden silence early today shortly after what sounded like the explosion of artillery shells could be heard through its microphone.

The announcer had carried on far into the night despite the deep, periodic rumblings until the station suddenly went off the air halfway through the playing of a Polish military air.

Temporarily, at least, the only communication between the German-besieged Polish capital and the rest of the world was ended.

Silence came after the station had broadcast a grim story of Warsaw being shelled and bombed as never before and predicted "there probably soon will be a big offensive against us."

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