Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 15, 1939; RUSSIA TO ATTACK POLAND:


Calling of More Recruits Is
Called Precautionary
in Moscow.

Soviet Russia has definitely decided to attack the Polish army east the Vistula river as soon as Russian mobilization is completed, in Berlin correspondent of the newspapcr politiken asserted today.

Russo-German conferences for the eventual partition of Poland are progressing satisfactorily in Berlin, the correspondent said.

MOSCOW, Sept. 15.—(INS)—Soviet Russia, called 1.000,000 army and navy reserves to the colors today and rushed huge contingents in her western border in what was officially termed a measure of preparedness "in a world caught by war fever."

The Soviet press continued Its attacks upon Poland for alleged mistreatment of Russian minorities in Poland. and there were growing indications of early Soviet intervention in the conflict.

Official estimates placed the number of men called up at 1,000,000.

"Military preparations must be completed, as the world has been caught by in war fever," the Communist party newspaper Pravda said.



War at Glance

By The Associated Press.

PARIS — German troops reported retreating slowly down Moselle valley under steady French pressure; Saarbruecken attacked by French from three sides.

LONDON — British report destruction of "a number of German submarines by destroyers, airplanes; second group of conscripts called up; commons passes bill for employment control.

MOSCOW — Million recruits called to colors under regular annual draft; 1,500,000 reservists called tip previously in partial mobilization.

BERLIN — Germans cite new gains at widely separated points in Poland; government sets captured Polish plants to making war supplies for use on western front.

BASEL — German attack sets back French patrol near Wissembourg in first activity in that area, Swiss hear.

BUDAPEST— Germany's lightning war sweeps over half of Poland in two weeks.


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