Wednesday, September 18, 2013



Soviet Justifies Invasion
On Ground Minorities
In Need of Protection

Red Army Forces Cross Border at Early Hour and
Poles Are Caught Between Two PowertulArmies;
Other Nations Assured Moscow Will Remain
Netural Toward Them

By Associated Press
MOSCOW, Sept. 17.—Soviet Russia's, great Red Army; marching on orders to "liberate" their'."brothers" in Poland, moved into that embattled country today along the entire frontier, from Latvia to Rumania. .

A general staff communique tonight reported occupation of a dozen towns along a 500-mile front on 'the first day's march, penetrating as far as 50 miles inside the Polish border at the farthest point.

The Russians reported capturing the Ukrainian city of Tarnopol, which would mean that their swift drive carried, .them to within 48 miles of the nearest German, forces—those at Przemsyl, southeast of Lwow, taken last week.

Tarnqpol normally is of 35,000 population. Other large towns reported were Rowno, of 40,000 population, and Kolmea, of 33,000, both also in the Ukraine.
The communique said the reds defeated "weak advance units and reserves of the Polish army."

Earlier both Soviet and German radio broadcasts disclosed heavy fighting at some points.

The general staff said seven. Polish fighting ' planes were brought down' and three heavy bombers forced to land.

Poles Pour
Over Border
Info Rumania

President Leads Flight
Of Leaders to Neutral
Land; Planes Smashed
By Associated Press
VERNAUTI, Rumania! Sept 18. (Monday)—Large sections of the Polish army were pouring' across the frontier into Rumania early 'today following the flight of President Ignace Moscicki and the apparent collapse-of the Polish republic.

French Turn Back Germans
In Two Attacks; More.Nazi
Troops Moved to Border
French Assert Lines Holding as Soldiers Moved
From Poland to Strengthen German Forces
Facing Attack From France; Russian March
Into Poland Comes as Shock to Daladier

By Associated Press
PARIS, Sept. 17.—The French high command reported tonight that activity had slowed down after earlier German attacks on the Western Front.

The following is the text of the French high command's night communique:
"There is nothing of importance to note. Aerial activity has been reduced due to weather conditions."


Greater American
Merchant Marine

AMERICAN SHIPPING is not yet suffering from the effects of war in Europe. Some labor difficulty is being encountered by lines operating between the United States and belligerent countries; seamen- are demanding higher pay -or bonuses to compensate for the attendant risk.
However, pursuant to its neutrality policy the Government is trying to keep American ships out of the warzones as much as possible. If that can be done, the likelihood of warbreeding "incidents" will be minimized.


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